Several years in the past, I bought an HP Envy PC, version h8-1414. I’ve upgraded the working machine from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Now I cannot get automated Windows 10 updates to finish; the updates freeze and I’m forced to restart the PC. A few hours later, the PC attempts to replace Windows 10 once more, with the same result. Because of this, I’m jogging Windows 10 version 1511, when I must have been up to date to version 1709. Any suggestions?

A: You have two problems. Your 2012 PC has reached the end of its capacity to be up to date to more recent versions of Windows 10. In addition, the model of Windows 10 you’re now the use of received its final safety update in October so that you can make it hazardous to use in the future.

The solution to both troubles is to get a brand new PC.

How did you get into this restore? I suspect that your PC became barely well matched with the preliminary version of Windows 10 (aka version 1507) and the first update (1511), that had been added in 2015. But it isn’t always well suited with more modern versions of Windows, including final yr’s Anniversary Update (1607) or this year’s Creators Update (1703) and Fall Creators Update (1709.) Note that your computer model would not seem on HP’s lists of PCs which are compatible with the Anniversary Update or the Creators Update.

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What will take place next? Your PC will hold paintings with Windows 10 model 1511. But without new security updates, it is best a be counted of time earlier than it’s going to fall victim to hacker attacks or malware.



Whose fault is that this? Not yours; you updated your PC as fine you could. And now not genuinely Microsoft’s; it maintains to mechanically replace Windows 10 loose on well-matched PCs. Blame the fast tempo of era change, which makes the life of a PC about five years.

Q: I even have Dell desktop PCs and a Dell computer that run Windows 7 Professional. During all of 2017, the computers have automatically downloaded working gadget updates. But the laptop hasn’t received an update since the cease of 2016. What can I do?

A: It’s a software program compatibility issue that is without difficulty fixed. Microsoft altered the software program on its Windows 7 replace servers earlier this year. That disrupted the servers’ potential to talk with PC’s that had an old piece of improving software program known as an “agent.” The answer is to download new agent software to be able to allow your computer to speak to the Microsoft servers again. Note that, to apply this advice, you may want to recognize two matters:

Whether you’ve got a 32-bit or sixty four-bit processor chip in your computer. To find out, visit Control Panel and click on the “systems” icon. Then use both the “x32” or “x64” download link.

Windows Update – Importance of Security Updates

Computers and computer software program can speedy come to be out of date, requiring updates a good way to ensure that the whole lot is going for walks right. The purpose in the back of the Windows Update function is to permit Windows customers on personal computers to get the updates that they need for protection, software program, and other similar purposes. Microsoft Windows usually releases their updates on Tuesdays, and those updates are generally a combined bag of protection enhancements, guide upgrades and other updates made to the software program and running gadget going for walks to your laptop. It is essential to make certain that you are employing the most vital of these updates for you to maintain your pc walking right.

Windows update launches the best work for computers strolling Microsoft Windows working structures inclusive of Microsoft Windows ninety-five, Microsoft Windows ninety-eight, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7. Keeping the working system up to date is important, even in case you sense like it could not be essential. Generally, while your pc downloads the updates, Windows will give you a speak that allows you to see which updates are most important and which are not. This can help you decide which updates to install and which not to fear about, which is a crucial consideration relying upon the varieties of updates which are to be had to you.

Your taskbar will have a popup that tells you that Windows updates are geared up for set up. You can click on the little icon right here and it will convey up a talk field. The communicate container will tell you what number of windows update-alternatives are important and how many are absolutely optional. You can move down the complete list of updates and test or uncheck the boxes as you please so that you are simplest installing the updates which you are inquisitive about. Click set up, and Windows will begin the method of updating your laptop.

Once the Windows replace installer is completed, it’s going to spark off you for a restart. You normally need to reboot your computer once you do an update so as for all of the new safety updates and different software updates to take effect. You can tell Windows that you do no longer want to reboot your pc proper away, however, you need to reboot it as quickly as feasible so you can start taking gain of the brand new safety updates which you mounted and all of the advantages that they’ve to offer you.

The Windows 80244019 Error is a hassle on the laptop that is typically experienced while Windows Update feature is getting used to update Windows. This kind of blunders can arise due to diverse reasons; the commonplace purpose, however, is that the Automatic Update service has now not becomes on. But then, you have to still be cautious due to the fact this may result in serious complications for Windows together with the inaccessibility of Windows Update server or virus infection. When an epidemic manages to infiltrate the pc, it may blend up the values in Automatic Updates offerings and motive extra errors to seem.