Some Popular Sports Sites Appear To Cover More Animals Than Women 1

We reflect consideration of sports is at least partly fashioned by the media that cover sports activities. Once upon a time, sports activities fanatics got their news, in most cases, from a newspaper added to their residence or bought at a newsstand. Today, sports activity information is broadly speaking observed online. According to eBizMBA, here are the eight most popular sports activities websitesSome Popular Sports Sites Appear To Cover More Animals Than Women
The organization of these websites has a few clean similarities. Each has a front web page that reviews the current essential stories in sports. Then every web page has extra pages committed to precise sports activities and subjects.

For example, NBC Sports has pages dedicated to the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, football, university soccer, NASCAR, the Olympics, the National Dog Show, golf, motorsports, cycling, guys’ university basketball, horses, rugby, sailing, tennis, boxing, mixed martial arts, and an outside web page that looks generally dedicated to fishing.

This may appear like a reasonably comprehensive listing of sports activities. NBC covers essential expertise and university sports; it even devotes coverage to horses, dogs, and fish! There appears to be one component lacking.

Sure, girls, start with a few concerning the Olympics and tennis. But NBC Sports has no page devoted to women and sports. There is no page dedicated to girls’ college basketball or the WNBA. No web page for university softball. On the golf web page — connected to NBC’s Golf Channel — there’s plenty of insurance of the PGA and Tiger Woods; however, no longer a great deal about the LPGA (even though the Golf Channel covers the LPGA).

So sure, it seems NBC Sports gives more attention to animals than to girls.

This lack of coverage shows that women don’t play sports activities. Although, it is stated that during 2015-16, 3.3 million ladies played excessive faculty sports, and forty-two% of all high faculty athletes were women. The NCAA also said that for 2014-15, 212,474 girls played university sports, and girls were 43% of all university athletes.

Besides, women within the United States now have expert leagues in sports activities like basketball (the WNBA), softball (National Pro Fastpitch), football (National Women’s Soccer League), and hockey (National Women’s Hockey League). Women also compete professionally in golf, tennis, and mixed martial arts (among different sports activities!).


But even though NBC Sports broadcasts several of these on NBC and its affiliated channels, NBCSports.Com does not have any dedicated pages for girls’ sports activities.

NBC is, likewise, not alone. I went via the web page listings for every of the top 8 sports activities websites. Here is what I found:

All eight have dedicated pages to the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, university football, soccer, and golf. So those are simply the most popular sports activities protected.
Seven sites have additional pages dedicated to boxing, mixed martial arts, and tennis, while sixhave pages devoted to men’s university basketball and NASCAR.
Other famous sports activities encompass the Olympics (five pages), Formula One racing (4 pages), horse racing (4 pages), professional wrestling (4 pages), and biking (three pages).
When it comes to ladies’ sports, even though we don’t see plenty.


Like NBC Sports, four other sites — Fox Sports, CBS Sports, Sports Illustrated, and SB Nation – don’t have an unmarried page committed to a women’s sports league or ladies’ sport (of a path, Sports Illustrated keeps to have a web page devoted to girls in swimsuits — however glaringly it truly is no longer a sport).

The other three sites appear to do a chunk more. Bleacher Report does have a web page dedicated to the U.S. Women’s National Soccer group. Yahoo! Sports has separate pages for college women’s basketball and the WNBA. But the coverage at Yahoo! Sports is fairly lacking. For instance, the website online for girls’ college basketball records reports a series of hyperlinks speculated to take you to information. But (at least after I clicked on those), you returned to the primary Yahoo! Sports web page. One can find facts about the WNBA at Yahoo! Sports, however simplest for the 2017 season and most effective for the teams. The hyperlinks for the listing of leaders didn’t seem to do something (once more, once I clicked on these).

Like Yahoo! Sports, ESPN seems to have separate pages for college ladies’ basketball and the WNBA. But each link visits a web page devoted to women’s basketball. ESPN does record stats for each crew within the WNBA back in 2007. But for girls’ college stats, it seems the best leaders are stated. At least — in contrast to what we see at Yahoo! Sports — the links at ESPN for the leaders do seem to work.

Statistics for women’s sports are missing relative to what we see for men’s sports activities. For instance, say you wanted to realize who became the 10th leading scorer at the Southern Utah University men’s basketball crew in 2014-15. You can go to ESPN.Com’s website and examine that Christian Thompson — one of my former college students — scored 3. Three points were consistent with the game for the Thunderbirds that season. But consider you desired to see the statistics for the women who play at the University of Connecticut — the primary group in university ladies’ basketball — these days? The ESPN web page for the UConn women doesn’t have a link to character participant information. Yes, you could recognize greater about the SUU men’s basketball inside the beyond than you can find out about the UConn ladies today.

A similar story can be instructed approximately university baseball and softball. ESPN broadcasted the deciding sport of the 2017 Men’s College World Series. ESPN.Com also stated the entire box score for this game. But even though ESPN also revealed the Women’s College World Series, ESPN.Com does not file the field rankings for girls’ softball. One must observe the Women’s College World Series received higher television scores (relative to the men) in 2015. ESPN.Com, even though it doesn’t cowl each activity in an identical style.

At least relative to its competition, ESPN does make more of an attempt to cowl women’s sports. Unlike the alternative websites, ESPN does have a whole affiliated web page — ESPNW — dedicated to women’s sports activities. ESPNW is a bit difficult to find on ESPN.Com’s major page. Besides, ESPNW doesn’t file much with recognized player information. But it always offers memories of women’s sports activities, something the other websites don’t appear able to offer.

When we look at the majority of these eight websites do provide, we see that combined (through my matter), there are 132 pages committed to precise sports activities and leagues. Of those, only four- or 3%- are dedicated to women’s sports. This is regular with what has been reported in the instructional literature. Cheryl Cooky and her co-authors mentioned 2015 that ESPN in 2014 simplest dedicated 3.2% of its insurance on ESPN SportsCenter to ladies’ sports.

Why do men’s sports activities acquire so much coverage? One would possibly want to argue that this reflects demand. But if pages are created in response to requests, why could NBC Sports commit a page to dog suggestions or fishing? Or why could ESPN dedicate a page to the X-Games?

Maybe pages are created in response to what stations are televising? If it is the case, we must see more pages committed to women’s sports in view that ESPN, NBC, CBS, and Fox Sports all broadcast ladies’ sports activities. But once more, simplest ESPN has a web page devoted to women’s sports activities, and ESPN’s insurance of ladies’ sports is not equal to what it gives for guys’ sports.

So why aren’t girls’ sports getting extra insurance? Perhaps the answer lies in who decides what’s blanketed. The Women’s Media Center reports that the simplest eleven% of sports activities memories written come from women. Besides, this identical report indicates that the handiest nine., 5% of sports editors, are girls. In sum, men mainly write sports memories, and guys are primarily figuring out what gets covered.

Given these numbers, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that even though girls and girls make up more than 40% of athletes in excessive faculty and university, many important sports websites have no committed pages to women’s sports. Perhaps in the future, more women will now not just play sports but also participate in sports activities media. And maybe when that occurs, we can see more pages dedicated to sports concerning girls than we see regarding horses, dogs, and fish.