Industrial Trolleys have been one of the simplest forms of machines which have helped us to transport heavy material without much effort over the past decades. A number of technical tweaks in such trolley systems like mechanizing them, has made the job easier and less labor intensive. But stairs and above ground storing places had always been a problem for normal trolleys, as they need a straight path to work. But the three-wheel design of the Stair climber trolley makes it the best bet in such a situation.

The machine itself works on the basis of the levers and thus has the ability to accommodate load even on the stairs. To understand them in detail let us explore some of the benefits.

The trolley nor the load has a direct impact on you. All the load is taken care by the Stair Climber trolley and a powerful push could pass it on to the next step. Thus, instead of lifting the whole material, you have to let levers do their work which takes the pressure off you.
The probability of injury in the institutions which have incorporated such machines has gone down, as the discomfort of lifting things have been completely avoided. Many workers have complained about back pains and injuries while lifting heavy weights, but employing such machineries reduce such probability.


The trolley is designed in such a way that the base of the trolley is supported by three wheels, and the locking system the trolley is endowed with ensures its stability.
The trolley is simply not used only in one direction, thus can work both upstairs and downstairs with the same ease. The load can be kept on a wide nose plate which ranges from anywhere between 6 to 15 inches.
All the stairs are not completely controlled by only men, but it might also have some automation. The sensors in the upgraded versions of the trolley helps to sense the depth of the stairs. This helps the controller to keep the trolley in the said track and under full control which further reduces the chances of any accident.


The six-wheel design also is used pretty frequently as it improves the stability and the maneuverability of the machine. It operates just like a human, the two wheels on the lower stair and one wheel on the top.
The biggest challenge which one might perceive is pushing or pulling the machine and at the same time maintaining the direction and balance of the load. But all of this is done by the lever system and locking mechanism which makes the handling easier. 


Although the trolley is pretty rugged, but all such machines have a limit of weight which they can carry and violating thatusually causes all the accidents due to machine breakdown. Even the biggest of stair climber trolleys cannot hold more than 650lbs and anything above the limit of the machine would surely result in its failure.

Numerous manufacturers make it, and one should only choosethe products which have great reviews from the previous clients as the quality such a machine cannot be compromised with.