CRM web solutions. It’s all about low-costs and great choice. Save on server setup costs. Suite CRM has built its server stack on industry standards, allowing deployment on a wide range of server targets including :OS : Linux, Unix, Windows Web Server : Apache, IIS, planet, Netscape (among others)Database Server (currently) : Firebird, Postgrads, Oracle, MS SQL2000This allows you to ‘right size’ your server, and gives you the option to choose between cost and familiarity. We have allow-configuration standard wizard server installation for LA deployment, a standard hosting installation for out hosting service, as well as a consulting service for self-hosting deployment assistance. Save on server operating costs Self hosting operating costs can be minimized. For example, the cheapest option would be a standard shared LAPP (using Linux / Apache/ Post gres / PHP) server at around $30 / month.

More likely, you would deploy on a fully self-controlled server with the appropriate level of hardware, servers, and lock down guarantees to provide the quality of service your organization requires, or hand the headache over to us to provision. We’ll help you get the best possible bang for your buck. Save on system downtime Want a system that allows users to keep working through a system upgrade? What about hot-switching servers? Want to prevent bad upgrades by setting up an upgrade sandbox? Had enough of flakey systems that can’t cope with a loose cable? If the answer is yes to any of the above, then the benefits of Suite CRM are what your enterprise needs. The modular architecture Suite CRM is built as a truly modular application, in that if a program module is missing, those features are unavailable but does not break the rest of the application.

Try it yourself – for example remove or rename mod_contacts.bpl and observe that contact items disappear from menus, trees, searches etc. but the system continues to operate as designed. The modular architecture allows you to permission users to access only those modules that they require to do their job function. The result of this is a reduction of costs surrounding data security, and really lowers the help desk load from users that like to ‘explore’ a system when they shouldn’t. Save on user setup costs the process of server deployment automatically builds a custom, totally pre-configured client installation which can be distributed to users as your organization sees fit. It can be released through internal procedures, or delivered as we do to users via a web download. The user does not need to know any configuration information, from URL’s to ports to database settings at all. All they need to know how to do is :download and run a file from the web enter a user name and password Save on application updating costs Provided they can connect to their Suite CRM server when logging into their client, the client automatically loads all application and database changes prior to starting the application proper.

Help-desk never has to take users through the process of a complex upgrade process that could fail at any point – the software is as independent of shared system components as possible. Finally, in situations where updating was interrupted somehow or breaks (not yet experienced by us), help desk can easily fall back to a reinstall with a sweat ‘download and go’. Save on help desk costs Suite CRM is designed from the ground up to be a truly user-friendly, contemporary and intuitive user experience.



Having rolled out to enterprises with over 100 users (with in some cases minimal to no exposure) shows us that provided general Windows experience is in place, within a few minutes users learn how to use common functions purely through experimentation. Save on customization costs Vender lock-in is a thing of the past. System customization is well catered for, both in the traditional sense (setup and data configuration), as well as in the sense of true personalization of the system.

With the ability to personalize Suite CRM from custom document templates, data queries, reports, forms, scripting, campaigns, through to plugging in custom developed modules using the Suite CRM API, you have as much power as you need to make the system truly your own. The best part is that customization can be undertaken by your own staff, third parties, or us at your discretion. We use industry standard where possible, meaning there is no barrier to finding external resource if required.IT Division swamped?

Does your IT division have too much on its hands to undertake a rollout just now? Are you sick of spending days just installing and configuring software to test it? Do you want a soft-entry test-case? If so, our hosting solutions can bring you the benefits immediately while provisioning takes place.