Clients asking me approximately capsules on a regular foundation now.


They want to recognize which platform is going to win. They want something. However, they are just now not positive what. So, right here’s my try to evaluate the systems. Since I only have enjoyed the Android tablets, I’m searching out community input on the Apple iPad and Blackberry Playbook. How are they operating for you? I give my satisfactory evaluation of every platform and stamp every with VHS (it’ll live to tell the tale) or Betamax (going the way of the dodo bird).

Specifications As I said, I can not speak to the iPad and Playbook except for what I pay attention from others, so be prepared for a few hearsays. I use an Acer Iconia A500 – a Google Android pill. It’s somewhat large than the Galaxy Tablet (the 7″ one) and has a ten” display screen. It’s a bit at the heavy aspect because of the long-existence battery. The creation is solid, performance is excellent, and it’s far expandable in a manner that none of the others are (without docking stations besides)… It has a widespread USB connector. In this approach, you may plug a mouse, keyboard, thumb force, or outside hard pressure directly into the tablet in case you wish. The Androids show up in plenty of different configurations, some with keyboard docks, a few with charging-most effective docks, the Transformer seems like a notebook, and the “display” opens and closes whilst docks. So a long way as I know, Apples and Playbooks are coming in confined configurations, with Microsoft devices being extra flexible, even though maybe not as a whole lot because of the Androids.

The iPad 2 and any of the Android gadgets with dual-core processors need to be first-class and short. I’m guessing the Windows capsules will use an equal form of hardware platform like Android, supplying desirable overall performance. Once more, I do not know tons about the Playbook. In standard, the Android tablets (and theoretically Microsoft) will have a shorter hardware lifecycle than the others, and they’ll be brought with the aid of multiple producers. With this approach, you will see more new and more recent hardware on the Android platform.

Android & Microsoft, Apple & Playbook


Customization Apple allows less customization (mainly backgrounds and icons) of the pill than do the Androids (severe… Change nearly whatever). This approach that there is extra you could mess up on Androids also although. I pick the greater options, personally. I cannot communicate to customization at the Playbook surely; there’s no longer a great deal of appropriate information out yet. Peanut gallery… Any input? We also know little about this factor about the Microsoft capsules. However, I’m going to guess they arrive out somewhere among the Apple and Androids.

Verdict: VHS – Android Betamax – Apple Unknown – Playbook & Microsoft

Apps Apple has greater apps – at the least for now. For the next yr or Apple is anticipated to stay pretty a long way in advance within the app warfare. Google and the new Microsoft pills are expected to take an awesome deal of marketplace proportion from Apple even though, with the Google Market possibly exceeding the Apple App Store sometime in 2014. Microsoft Windows eight might be launched within the next yr or so and will potentially let you percentage apps between your computing device and pill in a manner you cannot work with the opposite systems. Plus, the Microsoft cognizance of the developer atmosphere needs to encourage fast improvement. But… It’s a long approach off, and who is aware of what will take place between now and then. The Playbook has a small app keep, and they’re coming from far in the back. Tablets are a brand new form issue, and the wide variety of enterprise applications for them are nevertheless minimal. This may be a task for all the systems over the following couple of years… To grow to be relevant to the organization.

Verdict: VHS – Apple & Android Betamax – Playbook Unknown – Microsoft

Platform Staying Power The Playbook is an unknown at this factor. Some human beings bear in mind it a closing flailing attempt with the aid of RIM to stay applicable with Blackberry phones unexpectedly losing out to Apple and Google devices. Apple and Android devices aren’t going anywhere anytime quickly. I, in my opinion, assume the Playbook is DOA. Microsoft is very late to the sport; however, as a platform, I think they may be around for some time. The tablet shape component for Microsoft is basically an unknown then. They’re definitely betting lots on making it triumphant.

Verdict: VHS – Apple & Android Betamax Tablet- Playbook Unknown – Microsoft

Security Theoretically, the Playbook must do well in this class because RIM’s enjoy coping with cell gadgets on their Blackberry platform. It is largely unknown how well this can make paintings to this point even though. The iPad and Google drugs have restrained protection alternatives thus far, and neither has excellent integrated business enterprise management features for faraway wiping as ways as I know. There is a few statistics encryption available. However, it is confined. Mostly you’ll want apps to add protection to those devices. Expect higher safety whilst Windows eight comes out eventually. Because Windows 8 might be a shared platform, you should have Active Directory integration, Group Policies, and far-flung mobile device management aid. You’ll additionally have to get entry to the existing Windows security app base. That has to push the alternative providers to beef up their protection as a good way not to lose market share to Microsoft.

Verdict: VHS – Playbook & Microsoft Betamax – Apple & Android


Fun Tablets are a laugh and can be an extraordinary addition (now not substitute) to your mobile arsenal. They are not anticipated to update laptops or mobile phones, either one, but to compliment them. In well-known, they excel at mild to medium gaming (no longer quite as correct as a Sony PSP or Nintendo DS) and heavier multimedia (audio and video gambling), and light internet surfing. Most of them will hook up with an HDTV so that you can show content in HD on the larger display. How nicely they do each of those depends in large part on the apps you’ve got loaded, so it’s hard to do an Apples to Apple’s contrast (pun supposed!), but I’m simply going to exit on a limb and say they will all be kind of same within the amusing branch. The trouble is going to be on the Playbook inside the apps and video games categories. Their app keep is beginning manner in the back of the other two. Windows pills (when they come) need to have a leg up if they can run PC platform games natively. There’s a first-rate Windows app keep, even though it is not as big as either of the 2 leaders – and they haven’t any pill apps in the store proper now. I’m no longer positive how (or IF) the existing Windows Phone apps will transfer to the tablet either.

Verdict: VHS – Apple, Android, Microsoft Betamax – Playbook

So, here’s a precis: Android – five x VHS, 1 x Betamax Apple – three x VHS, 3 x Betamax Microsoft – three x VHS, three x Unknown Playbook – 1 x VHS, 4 x Betamax, 1 x Unknown

Winner: Android!

Like I said at the pinnacle, my enjoyment is confined to the Android on the whole. My enterprise information and hearsay let me make some projections about Microsoft. However, I may be off on some of the Apple and Playbook stuff. Please correct me and experience loss to difficulty on functions and specifications that I am unexpected with. In any case, that is a fun new technology subject, and we’re going to have a fantastic time looking at all of the gamers compete for the pinnacle one or two spots!