The Best PC Gaming Accessories 1

Whether you’re decking out your trendy gaming PC or trying to breathe new existence into a current rig, there are masses of less expensive add-ons that can spruce matters up. You could make do with a clunky keyboard or a bad mic. However, only a few strategic purchases could make a global difference for your gaming experience.

With the accessories below, you could load faster, stream in your TV, manipulate more with no trouble, and even soar into virtual truth. And in case you’re just in search of present thoughts, this equipment will serve the PC fanatic in your life very well.

DualShock four


Xbox One Controller
While the Xbox One hasn’t been pretty as famous as the PS4, the ubiquity of the Xbox 360’s controller at the PC has given Redmond’s latest controller pretty stable momentum. Compatibility is pretty plenty a non-problem right here – especially with first-party Microsoft titles launched on the PC. If you want a straightforward answer, it’s tough to move incorrectly with this gamepad. Buy on Amazon for $49.50.

Steam Link
Playing video games on the television whilst relaxing on the sofa is undeniably attractive; however, many of us keep our gaming PCs in different rooms. Schlepping a tower to and fro honestly isn’t really worth the trouble. Valve saw this trouble and made their very own solution: Steam Link. Hook up this tiny box, and the video games going for walks to your PC will move over your community to the TV. And so long as you have a reasonably reliable stressed-out connection, it needs to paintings like a charm. Buy on Amazon for $30.

Logitech G230 Gaming Headset

If you’re keen on group-based multiplayer games, a headset is a have-to-have. When the competition is heated, having a noise-canceling mic and crystal-clear audio may distinguish between a remaining-2d victory and a stinging defeat. And because this set from Logitech has a 4/five star average with over 6,000 critiques, it’s a secure bet that the G230 will feature paintings nicely for maximum game enthusiasts. Buy on Amazon for $24.Ninety-nine.
Redragon Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo
When you’re shopping for gaming accessories, utility is critical, but there’s nothing incorrect with worrying approximately the aesthetics as well. So in case you’re into the LED-lit look for your tools, this keyboard and mouse combo from Redragon is worth checking out. Featuring configurable DPI settings, programmable buttons, detachable weights, and adjustable lighting, you can make a clearly custom set-up without having to spend huge. Buy on Amazon for $31.Ninety-nine.

SteelSeries Mouse Pad
If you’re using a junky pad from a swag bag as your mousing surface, you’re doubtlessly hampering your gaming overall performance. For most excellent mousing, you actually need a huge, uniform floor that gained’t slides one bit. Thankfully, you won’t need to make investments a great deal for a nice mouse pad. This low-cost version from SteelSeries has almost 10,000 opinions with an excellent four.5 big name average. Buy on Amazon for $nine.99.

Samsung 850 EVO 500GB Solid-State Drive
If you’re still loading video games of a spinning power, your primary improvement priority should be an SSD. You can expect quicker begin-up, more regular asset streaming, and plenty of shorter load times for a huge swath of titles. You would possibly have to make a few sacrifices for the entire number of games you hold set up at once, but the improvement is truly really worth coping with a better charge per GB. Buy on Amazon for $139.99.

Oculus Rift and Touch Virtual Reality System
Even though there have been masses of bumps within the virtual road, VR headsets have emerged as more appealing currently. With a decent library, extra compatible hardware in the wild, and some outstanding fee drops, the Rift headset, and Touch controllers are pretty darn staggering. Buy on Amazon for $399.

Accessories To Enhance Your Gaming Experience


Every gaming enthusiast needs to have the proper gaming add-ons to have a super gaming revel in. If you are a gaming fanatic, right here are a number of the first-class accessories that you should have:

Entertainment pod

Many organizations manufacture those accessories, but one specific characteristic is they all are they generally tend to wrap you right into a cocoon. As quickly because the door slides down at the back of you, you are isolated from the out of doors global and nothing else in this global subjects, apart from you and your game.

Many pods have leather seats, which make sure that you are comfortable whilst gambling. To decorate your consolation, the pods come with features that can help you customize the hardware internally.


Headsets let you employ sound technology if you want to improve your gaming revel. There are many headsets produced by special corporations and come with distinctive functions and different expenses.

When buying these add-ons, you need to always cross for nice. You also have to make sure that the headsets are as relaxed as possible. Here it would be best if you made certain that the headset has plush ear pads and a cushioned headscarf. You should also ensure that the accent gives out high-quality sound this is comfortable for your ears.

Racing wheel

If you’re a racing fan, you need to maximum definitely have a racing wheel. When shopping for the wheel, you should make sure it is long-lasting and easy to apply. You also need to ensure that it could spin at different angles.

It’s also encouraged to cross for wheels with computerized transmissions, gasoline, snatch, and brake pedals. The wheel ought to additionally be like-minded with several PCs and gaming consoles.