The Humorous And Funny Video Games of all time 1

Video games have continually been humorous.

From the lumbering kidnap animation in Donkey Kong to the witty wordplay of the Uncharted series, builders have used each device at their disposal to make us snicker at the same time as we shoot, jump, explore and accelerate. Sometimes the humor comes from the script, occasionally the mechanics, and once in a while, it’s simply the emergent pleasure of competing in opposition to friends. Whichever, we all bear in mind MSN games, which have had us doubled over our controllers, helpless with laughter.


Here then, are the funniest video games we’ve ever played. Please share your personal rib-tickling recollections of the feedback.

27. Jazzpunk (2014)
It’s funny due to the fact: it’s one of those rare video games that’s surely designed as a chunk of humor. From the very start, when you step out of a person-formed suitcase into its cartoon cyberpunk global, the gags are fast, livid, and sophisticated.

26. West of Loathing (2017)

It’s funny because it’s a black-and-white wild west adventure totally populated by stick figures and sight gags. Much of the comedy comes from how the script and mechanics paintings collectively with a satisfying sense of wordplay. The ghost town is definitely made out of ghosts, and the needles you select locks with are all hidden in haystacks.


25. Spy vs. Spy (series, 1984-86)

It’s funny because: it’s a two-player espionage challenge that completely captures the appearance and slapstick humor of the Mad magazine caricature strip it’s inspired using. Many laughs come from placing traps for your opponent, after which you are accidentally tripping them yourself, prompting more than a few lovely Loony Tunes-fashion dying animations.

24. PaRappa the Rappa (1996)

It’s funny due to the fact: it’s the heartwarming tale of a paper-skinny dog rapper who’s taught that means of existence by way of a karate-reducing onion. Enough said.

23. Undertale (2015)

It’s humorous antonym due to the fact: it’s a refreshingly original and mild-hearted position-gambling adventure in which the overarching battle between human beings and monsters is undercut each by using the winsome characters (which include pun-loving skeleton Sans and blushing overwhelm-prone scientist Alphys) and the fact that enemies may be vanquished with a pleasing hug.

22. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1984)

It’s humorous antonym because it’s co-written using Douglas Adams, carefully follows the e-book and radio series plot, and incorporates one of the maximum devilish challenges in the history of textual content adventures: the babel fish puzzle. It also starts with the great two inventory items in history: a splitting headache and no tea.

21. Overcooked (2016)

It’s funny because: it’s a multiplayer cooperative cooking sport where the kitchens are fantastically impractical – and often shifting – and you’ve constantly got one hopeless pal who maintains placing matters on fire.


20: Katamari Damacy (2004)

It’s a funny video game because it’s a sport approximately having to restore the universe to your father – the King of All Cosmos – has destroyed it in a consuming spree. You do this by rolling gadgets into giant balls to make new stars. We can depart it there, honestly.

19. Worms (collection, 1995-)

It’s a funny video game because it’s a turn-primarily based navy method sport in which the navy strategy includes holy hand grenades, banana bombs, weaponized grandmothers, and exploding sheep.

18. WarioWare (collection, 2003-)

It’s a humorous antonym because it’s a frenzied collection of microgame collections that alternate in marvel and utter weirdness. Whether you’re going for walks faraway from a dinosaur or selecting a large nostril, the humor is available in watching the cool animated film scenarios then frantically identifying what the hell you’re imagined to do.

17. Octodad (2010)

It’s a funny video game because you play as an octopus going undercover as a human dad. It’s also the precise instance of humor through mechanics because the requirement to control each of the man or woman’s limbs separately necessarily leaves him flailing across the screen, rendering even the most effective human undertaking hilariously hard.

16. Hitman (series, 2000-)

It’s humorous because it looks like a severe assassination sim; however, it often makes you sense extra like Mr. Bean than James Bond through its wonderfully open and pliable systems. If you’ve ever attempted to stealthily kill an overseas agent most effective by accident squash some of his celebration guests underneath falling highlight, you’ll realize what we imply.

15. Skate 3 (2010)

It’s a funny video game because the aggregate of an open-international environment, a wonky physics engine, and a few huge insects turned this okay skating sport into the world’s finest accident simulator. Just kind “Skate 3 compilation” into YouTube and watch the attention-watering chaos spread.

14. Psychonauts (2005)

It’s humorous antonym due to the fact: it’s a platform adventure written by using Monkey Island scribe Tim Schaffer and set in a sequence of weird dreamworlds which include a paranoid milkman’s conspiracy weighted down suburb, a frenetic dance birthday party, and a city inhabited using lungfish.

13. South Park: Stick of Truth (2014)

It’s a funny video game due to the fact: it’s as puerile and gleefully offensive as you’d count on, way to the near collaboration with Matt Stone and Trey Parker. There are anal probes, there are parental genital assaults, and there are weapon customization items referred to as strap-ons.

12. Goat Simulator (2014)

It’s humorous pictures due to the fact: you’re a goat, clip-clopping round glitchy city surroundings ruining barbecues, destroying museums, and licking passing vehicles. It’s an additionally funny video game because Swedish developer Coffee Stain Studios made it a funny story and never meant to launch it. Still, it did, and now more than 2.5 million human beings have played.

Eleven. Conker’s Bad Fur Day (2001)

It’s humorous pictures due to the fact: it’s approximately a foul-mouthed binge-drinking squirrel whose tries to get home to his girlfriend are constantly thwarted via an embittered Prussian weasel. Released after a chain of lovely family platformers, Rare’s mature-rated masterpiece stays one of the maximum subversive acts in console zombies game history.

10. Lego City Undercover (2013)

It’s humorous because it’s a top-notch Grand Theft Auto pastiche wherein extremely good-cop Chase McCain hunts crime boss Rex Fury thru a cavalcade of deconstructed movement movie cliches, daft characters, and whip-smart one-liners – all of which gleefully whiz over the heads of its younger fanatics.

Nine. The Stanley Parable (2013)

It’s humorous because it’s a whole deconstruction of online shooting game narrative conventions, allowing the participant – as downtrodden workplace worker Stanley – to disobey and contradict the continuing voice-over exposition. It’s like an interactive Franz Kafka novel, the handiest loads more enjoyable.

8. Saints Row IV (2013)

It’s humorous because: at the floor, it appears to be a sport approximately hitting people with a massive pink dildo, however in fact, whilst you delve deeper, you comprehend it’s far a recreation about turning into the president of the USA, committing insurance fraud, repelling an alien invasion, and hitting people with a massive pink dildo.

7. Fable (collection, 2008)

It’s a funny video game because it’s a British-made position-playing journey and meaning it has more fart gags, condoms, and double entendres than it does monsters. The Fable collection splendidly challenged the po-faced pomposity of maximum fantasy cars game – and the sad issue is, we’ll by no means see any other.

6. Surgeon Simulator (2013)

It’s humorous pictures because it’s about incompetent organ removal, the use of a deliberately faulty physics version to render the player laughably ineffectual. Forget Drunk History, and this is Drunk Surgery.

Five. Grand Theft Auto (series, 1996-)

It’s humorous pictures because each installment takes the region in a horrendous moral vacuum where thudding violence and excessive-velocity vehicular mayhem are simplest ever a button press away. Even if you hate the sledgehammer satire of the scripts, you’ll stay for the anarchy that comes on every occasion open-world environments, innocent pedestrians, zealous police officers, and free to be had firearms collide.

4. Bulletstorm (2011)

It’s a funny video game because it’s a sci-fi shooter about rogue mercenaries guilty of huge war crimes; however, it’s additionally a bawdy comedy that mercilessly mocks macho gaming conventions. Scripted by way of Marvel creator Rick Remender, most of the nice lines are unquotable in a family ebook. However, we can at least have fun inside the truth that it features a massive robotic dinosaur referred to as Waggleton P Tallylicker.


3. The Sims (collection; 2000–)

It’s humorous because developer Will Wright supposed his interactive reality TV show to be an exploration of urban life and relationships – however, what did we do? We drowned our sims in swimming pools, forced them to pee on the kitchen floor, and locked them in the cellar so that they might, without end, produce artwork for our earnings. The Sims taught us that the real monsters are on this side of the display during video games.

2. Portal 1 (2007) and 2 (2011)

It’s humorous because one of the best characters inside the records of video cars game is a murderous pc that sadistically toys with the player at each possibility. Of course, that person is Glados, a vengeful AI who units all of the physics duties in this first-character puzzler while calling you a monster, lying approximately cake, and singing approximately technology. The sequel provides a terrific comedian overall performance by way of Stephen Merchant as ineffectual robotic assistant Wheatley. Still, it’s GLaDOS who steals the display over again – even if extracted right into a potato battery.

1. The Secret of Monkey Island (1990)

It’s humorous because it’s a loving tribute to swashbuckling Errol Flynn movies, which brilliantly ridicules and subverts the conventions of its genre. Throughout the Nineteen Nineties, LucasArts created a sequence of factor-and-click adventures that might come to be mythical for their sharp, sardonic humor – Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Sam and Max Hit the Road – however, Monkey Island is the pinnacle, excellent acknowledged for the awesome insult sword-fighting series, its eccentric characters, and its splendid one-liners.

No different developer and no other recreation may want to have made taken a line like “that’s the second biggest Humorous And Funny head I’ve ever visible” and became it into a second of unforgettable comedian genius—a triumph.