There are several accessories that individuals may add to their vehicles to make them more aesthetically appealing or simply functional. One of these modifications is adding a tint to the car. This could be tint for the windows or the car as a whole. There are several advantages to adding these tints, a few of which are protecting the individuals inside the car from direct exposure to sunlight and providing a certain amount of privacy. Additionally, depending on the type of tint, the glass of windows can also be reinforced, and the entire car strengthened. Individuals who own tinted cars often speak of the coziness and comfort they get inside them. If you are looking to get your car windows tinted, there is a variety of options you can choose from. These options are listed below:

Films for Car Windows Tinting

  1. Protective anti-grit car tinting: this is a type of tint that you apply to the car as a whole, excluding the windows. This tint’s main purpose is to protect parts of the car such as the bumper, the hood, and so on from being scratched or chipped by stone or even accidents.
  2. Colour tint: this tint is mainly added for aesthetic appeal, to give the car a new look or highlight specific parts of it
  3. Complicated auto tinting- this type of tinting can only be done by experts and is relatively time-consuming. This type of tinting is done to improve the aesthetic and functioning of the car while simultaneously making it a more secure vehicle to travel in.
  4. Sunlight dubbing films: the main purpose of this tint is to protect your dashboard as well as objects kept on it from harsh sunlight that could be damaging by reflecting the rays of the sun and allowing you to have a glare-free drive
  5. Protective dubbing: as the name suggests, the purpose of this tint is to improve the car’s security, and it does this by toughening the windows. Depending on the thickness of the glass you choose, you can be shielded from various artillery.
  6. Decorative film: this tint is purely used to give the car a certain style and look
  7. A-thermal film: although this tint is priced higher than the other, it effectively protects the car and those inside it from the harmful UV rays of the sun and reduces the temperature inside it
  8. The colored film with the transition: these tints are used to make the car’s windows match the car’s color. However, they are straining on the eyes, and it is recommended not to use them for long periods of time.
  9. Mirror film: again, this tint is used for aesthetic purposes and gives the car a unique look. Depending on the level of transparency you want, you can fund different films in the market. A con of this tint is that it is priced at about 20% more than regular tints.
  10. Removable silicone toning: the main purpose of this tint is to keep excessive light outside the car. You can choose how much light you want to allow to be transmitted inside.

A smart thing to do would be to pick a reliable, well-known brand once you decide exactly which tint you want for your car. Depending on the company you choose, you will be offered different benefits. For example, Llumar tints are extremely scratch resistant and stay stuck on for longer, while Sun-Tek produces quality black graphite shades and mirror films. One of the most common and reliable brands that is a trendy option amongst car owners is 3M. These tints are long-lasting and offer customers complete reliability.