The PC Gaming Show 2018 is coming, here's when and how to watch it 1

It’s official: the PC Gaming Show will return at E3 2018 for its fourth year of bringing exclusive announcements, news, and interviews to supporters of the world’s most flexible gaming platform. Our friends at GR+ sister site PC Gamer made the decision today, including the return of host Sean “Day[9]” Plott and an all-new location. Here’s a quick rundown of the info so far.

PC Gaming Show

When: Monday, June 11 at 3pm PDT / 6pm EDT / 11pm BST
Where: The Wiltern in Los Angeles or on PC Gamer’s Twitch channel
Who: Host Sean “Day[9]” Plott, tons of special guests, and – with a free ticket – you!
What: Lots of cool stuff about the future of PC gaming. What, you didn’t expect them to reveal all the surprises ahead of time, did you?
Why: Because of E3.

What was that about free tickets? Yup, you read right – you don’t need to plunk down a cent to secure your seat at the future of PC gaming. Just reserve a ticket ahead of time. Also, make sure you’ll be in Los Angeles to attend at the swanky new location. No worries if you can’t visit in person because the event will also be streamed live from start to finish on PC Gamer’s official Twitch channel.

PC Gamer is keeping most of the surprises under wraps so far. Still, you can get some idea of where the presentation might be headed by checking out what happened at last year’s show: XCOM 2: War of the Chosen got its grand debut on stage at the beginning; Age of Empires: Definitive Edition was announced at the end; and we got to see some tantalizing new gameplay videos of Mount & Blade 2, among other announcements. Hopefully, this year will be even better.

Need something to keep you busy until then? Check out our picks for the best free games to play right now.

Has The Reality Game Show Parody Killed Quality Team Building?

Survivor is arguably the “Grand-Daddy” of all fact TV sports shows.

Hot on the heels of its first season manner back in May of the 12 months 2000 came to the cheesy crew building copies.

It turned into sincerely a fascinating and accessible components. It was quickly imitated and easily understood by way of many themes that pushed assembly planners and PAs in search of to make a brief and low-fee choice for their conferences and off-websites.

Hence the Reality TV parody for team building became just as short as its Reality TV idea itself to take a keep.

Amongst the ability issues lurking underneath the subject matter, it changed into that “balloting humans off the tribe” became only a little too near the painful redundancies that often include company restructures, not to mention the bitter intra-crew alliances so hotly debated at the suggests. It became all about scheming and politics.

This component of the real suggests apart, copying them turned into the beginning of a “slippery slope” for plenty of emerging crew building companies who either selected to or were forced to rely on TV producers’ borrowed creativity for their thought. Putting inside the problematic yards for your program layout and R&D is usually a higher strong foundation.

After all, the best experiential studying mediums are the ones that have been cautiously created, tested, and adapted to satisfy the wishes of discerning commercial enterprise customers.

Amongst the aims of such excellent programs is the constructing and developing relationships and resolving internal opposition into official not unusual recognition. You should also aim to accelerate the group improvement manner (i.e., “ye-olde” Form, Storm, Norm, Perform, and so on).

How many truth TV indicates sincerely have a premise or a assemble that exists to beautify human relationships, team dynamics, and collaboration?

These shows at satisfactory seem to cater to a few dangerous levels of “schadenfreude,” and at their worst, the ritualized public humiliation of those who have briefly surrendered the rights to their non-public narrative to the editors within the hope of a cash prize.

It sounds a touch an excessive amount of like colossal business enterprise way of life at its worst. Still, it’s indeed not an excellent premise for assisting in acquiring greater inclusive and self-actualizing cultures that many top leaders are aiming for.

If the parodies were stored as occasional “tongue in cheek” amusing for purely recreational crew building, then the Survivor genre can be a giggle at a convention, but alas, this is no longer where it ended.

Not lengthy after Survivor got here, the cooking, dancing, courting, and singing shows. They too produced a wave of cheesy occasion-based entirely on copies at corporate conferences and conferences across the world, as did Mr. Trump’s “The Apprentice.”

In phrases of creativity and innovation, the straw that indeed broke the camel’s again became possibly “The Amazing Race.”

This is likely the maximum shamelessly imitated group task inside the global. Stick the call “Race” on even the tackiest CBD treasure hunt, and it’d sell.

This was a dark and cringe-worthy period inside the records of expert crew building for people who had visible better days in phrases of originality and complexity for group primarily based programs (and desperately awaited their return).

It became too easy for choice-makers to recognize what was visible on TV over greater unique services. The hazard became, and indeed nonetheless is, that unwell-notion out pastime constructs in a time-compressed format with corporate clients can genuinely trigger aggressive base drives and do more significant damage than suitable.

Competition is of the path all nicely and desirable for a few briefs, but rapidly planned and finished fact display parodies can serve to bring out the worst in a few groups and accordingly open up the lid on a can of worms that the facilitators may additionally definitely lack both the time and the talents to position the top lower back onto.

Hence, a customer can be left with harm to their group dynamics not easily repaired as soon as groups disperse after the off-website returned to their day after day truth.

To have properly-meaning PAs and convention planners pick the second fact TV knock-off for the shortage of time and motivation to do some right due to diligence on the content material became painful to peer.

Commercial fact dictated that even the first-class providers needed to have their versions of those formats in their portfolios. Still, now, not a lot of expert pride can come from handing over an individual else’s concept.

Better and far longer-lasting outcomes come from program constructs and narratives, which have been crafted exceptionally to target real business issues and team/leadership dynamics. They also want to make sure that what gets “introduced out” for the duration of the pastime in a behavioral sense close to the group dynamics stays practicable within the brief’s bounds.

This does not mean that every one fact TV knock-offs are not fun and beneficial for the right short (if well deliberate and achieved). However, they have not to be the default and lazy preference inside an area where innovation and intensity ought to be demanded if real consequences are hunted for a purchaser.

Unfortunately, the “Race” style speedy became a “Race to the bottom” for many. Any Google search for group building will verify this.

Funnily sufficient, as the onscreen call for fact TV indicates abates in the vicinity of demand for higher satisfactory production values and drama (e.G., Game of Thrones over the cooking suggests), so too are we seeing a “renaissance” of satisfaction and creativity in crew constructing.

The demand for first-rate sophistication and outcomes is genuinely returning to the side of a few more reasonable expectations that exquisite programs that get effects will honestly price cash.

So while Reality TV did now not “kill” excellent crew constructing, it indeed has taken it down a few reasonably-priced and nasty darkish alleys.

Professional providers have not enjoyed the enterprise venturing into these decrease realms and are, in reality, overjoyed to see a return to innovation and excellence.

Talan Miller Managing Director, Sabre Corporate Development, May 2014

See Sabre’s modern and practical variety of crew constructing and improvement answers, including sophisticated commercial enterprise games, profiling gear, and tactics.