The Services Of A Cosmetic Dentist 1

There are many functions that a cosmetic dentist serves- to improve the functioning as well as the aesthetic appearance of the individual. Teeth are one of the most important parts of the human body that help in the digestive process. It is here that the entire process starts as the teeth help to break down the food into smaller parts before it enters the stomach and intestines. Good, clean teeth allow individuals to be more confident and interact with their peers better. On the other hand, those who have dental problems whether it is hygiene or aesthetics, will suffer from confidence problems. Some of the most common problems that result in people seeking the help of a cosmetic dentist are discoloured teeth, chipped teeth, or gaps in the mouth because of missing teeth. Listed below are the major services offered by cosmetic dentists-

The Services Of A Cosmetic Dentist 2

  1. Missing teeth replacement- there are multiple ways to replace missing teeth and these include dental implants, crowns, as well as bridges and dentures. These will bridge the gap between teeth and give you a fuller mouth
  2. Teeth whitening systems- over time, as you grow up and eating and lifestyle habits change one of the most common things you will see are yellowing, staining, or overall discoloration of teeth. Any dentist is capable of whitening your teeth using a traditional teeth whitening procedure. This is a procedure that is simple enough that it can even be carried out in the comfort of your own house
  3. Reshaping of existing teeth- teeth do get worn down after a point of time, so you may find the need to go to a cosmetic dentist to get them filed or reshaped so they look more aesthetically appealing
  4. Damaged teeth restoration- if your teeth are chipped or damaged, it may cause you discomfort in your mouth and hurt you when you talk or chew food. In order to ease your discomfort, cosmetic dentists can use porcelain veneers, bonding, or dental crowns
  5. Teeth alignment- the most traditional way to fix misaligned teeth has been to put in metallic orthodontic braces. While you may not like this option of a visible obstruction in your mouth, you can go in for invisible braces

Depending on your problem, you may wish to seek an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. Before you go ahead and do this, it is important for you to first find a reputable dentist who has experience in the field. Ensure that you talk to previous patients and inquire about the quality of work they were provided with. If possible, ask for pictures that show progress before and after the procedure. And lastly, ensure that the dentist you choose is constantly updated with the latest medical technology so that the newest instruments and techniques can be implemented to reduce your discomfort.



Once you find the right cosmetic dentist, you can sit down with him or her and understand what the procedure will entail. Additionally, you can pursue multiple treatment options for the problem you are facing and choose the one that is best suited to you. Make sure you clear all your doubts regarding how the procedure will happen and what you are expected to do after. Dr. Carol Waldman is one of the most proficient and reputed names in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Click on to make your appointment and move ahead today.