The Why, How, and What of a Professional Mold Inspection 1

Mold can be defined as a kind of fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments. However, other forms of fungus can adopt different kinds of growth, like sing-celled growth like yeasts. Any home has the risk of growing mold in the house – by growing on walls, floors, carpets, furniture, even fabric. Being exposed to mold can cause a list of health issues, which can become serious if not dealt with as soon as possible. Mold can grow with any water source, which means that the chance of mold growing in the bathroom is very high. Mold growth may not always be easily detected. This is harmful because the spores become airborne and can cause health concerns. Therefore, you need to schedule a routine mold inspection.


The health concerns of mold can become very serious. Mold can affect the air quality; can cause respiratory problems, headaches, and nausea. Mold growth can compromise your immune system, so it is important to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. This is a wise recommendation because inspectors will have the technical knowledge and equipment to detect mold growth in the home. Using special equipment makes it possible for the inspector to create a detailed analysis of your home. If spores have been detected, the sample will be analyzed under a microscope at a specific facility. The report will be delivered to you at your home, along with a detailed consultation and professional advice.


Furthermore, the inspector will give you advice on how to maintain your home to ensure that it is spore-free. To prevent mold growth once more, make sure that there is no moisture in the house. One good idea is to buy mold-resistant shower curtains and fabric to protect your home. Try and find any leaks in your home, like a leaky pipe or a leaky roof. Make sure your bathroom doesn’t have any leaky pipes or a leaky tap.

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