TLDR: The VoCore2 can be the heart of actually hundreds of tech tasks — so get one and a four-inch display screen for $10 off
Welcome to the day you learned that the most modern client-grade micro computer systems are so micro that they may absolutely wander away on your pocket trade. In reality, the VoCore2 is literally the scale of a coin, so small that it’s making different famous micro structures seem definitely bulky by way of comparison.
For tech tinkerers, the results of enlisting this tiny open-source Linux board are massive — and you can begin getting an examination of just how a good deal this tiny powerhouse can accomplish at over $10 off its retail charge, simply $69 with this offer from TNW Deals.
The VoCore2 sports a 580 MHz CPU, 128 MB of memory, 300 Mbps Wi-Fi, USB connectivity, and the capability to run loads of applications; however, its proper value comes from its versatility.

coin-sized Linux pc
While enterprising users can style the VoCore 2 to paintings as a smart router, a VPN gateway, an AirPlay music streaming station, a private facts storage cloud, and greater, its size and strength allow innovators to dream up all types of new ways to bring electronics into tasks where the area is extremely tight.
This deal additionally rankings in any other essential class. Unlike other single board pc rigs, this VoCore2 package comes with its very own four-inch screen. Rather than hooking the VoCore2 up to a TV or every other monitor, you could join it right to this excessive satisfactory display screen thru USB. Play video games, watch movies, or do some hardcore coding, all right in the palm of your hand.
For the simplest $69, the VoCore2 also can be a really perfect present object for any machine guru or inquisitive child inquisitive about know-how how tech works. Originally $ seventy-nine. 80, store $10 by way of getting into this provide before it ends.