Windows and doors get exposed to much dirt, debris, and other contamination. It needs regular maintenance to extend its longevity. If you do not maintain your windows, it will lead to wearing and tearing very soon. Failure in care can result in many problems, such as reduced air and water tightness, or may void provisions of the warranty. Those properties located near coastal areas are all the more subjected to salt deposits and wind-driven sand.

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To keep your windows and doors clean, you must hold bi-annual inspections. It is wise not to use any acidic cleaning solution; you may use mild soap and water to keep windows and doors debris free. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your glass doors and windows throughout the year.


Get proper exterior cleaning instructions from your door contractor to clean the outer screens. If you wish to clean the interior screen, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush or wipe It with the help of water and a mild soap solution. Be careful when you remove insect screens, as any insurance or warranty does not cover them.

The most used way of cleaning insect screens is by laying them down on a flat surface and applying soap and water to the screen. Let the screen soak for a while, and then use a low-pressure spray, such as a garden hose, to clean it.


A lot of mishaps occur repeatedly; if you spill something sticky or muggy on your window film, always clean it with a soft cloth-preferably microfiber or a paper towel. Microfibre is the best as they are non-abrasive, which doesn’t damage the movie but gets the job done.


It would help if you always kept all your hardware clean and lubricated. To do this, you must use mild soap and water again to wipe it clean, including the locks, hinges, arms, and handles of your doors and windows. Make sure that you only clean it with clean water. Never wash it with dirty or used water before lubricating. You may lubricate your hardware by using lithium grease, automotive grease, or petroleum jelly. However, for hinges and rollers, you will need silicon-based lubricants.


A window is less porous than glass, so it doesn’t get dirty quickly. If it gets dirty, always clean it with mild dishwashing detergent. Many commercial cleaning detergents are available in the market but are not required. Mild cleaning detergent and water will suffice. If you plan to hire a janitorial service, carefully pass on the required instructions.


If you have never cleaned a window or a door before, always seek the help of a window and door installation professional. It is still better to ask someone specializing in this kind of job. If you are not confident about cleaning it yourself, you should call for professional help, as you may make a mess.

Please choose a service that provides exceptional customer support to ensure that your windows and doors will be in the right shape.