Tips for Passing the TLC Exam 1

The TLC exam is the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, created in 1971. This agency is responsible for licensing and regulating New York City’s yellow taxicabs (by giving them specific medallions allowing them to drive taxis), for-hire vehicles, like black cars and luxury limousines, and regulating transit vehicles. The Board consists of nine members, eight Commissioners without a salary. The Chair presides over regularly scheduled public Commission meetings and is the head of the agency. The TLC is the most active taxi and limousine licensing agency n the United States.

TLC Exam

When working for the TLC, all new driver applicants must take a computer-administered test after the class. The student requires at least 70% to pass the exam. This exam can be re-taken as often as needed within ninety days of filing the application – which means that within three months, you can take the test as often as possible till you achieve a passing score. The test centers on different courses, including map reading, local geography, driver-passenger relations, and knowledge and preparation for the city. During the trial, any geography-related questions are ‘open-book’, meaning you can refer to a map when answering these questions. However, questions regarding the rules and regulations of the TLC are ‘closed-book’, which means that you must have these answers memorized.
When applying for the TLC, the first step is ensuring you meet the licensing requirements. Make sure you have some form of ID that shows that you are above 19; you have a valid government-issued ID and an original Social Security card. When applying, you must also produce a summary of your driving record and a valid license. If your request is not issued in New York, you must have an abstract of your driving record from your state of residence.
The next step is to make sure that you are familiar with the streets of New York City, and you must be familiar with the geography and traffic rules and regulations, along with the rules and regulations of the TLC.
All applicants will be tested for drugs or controlled substances, and the Commission will designate who can perform the drug test -you will be allowed to get the test done from that permitted agency only. The Commission will deny your license if you test positive for drugs or controlled substances.

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