Tips from Pro Auto Locksmiths about Frozen Car Locks 1

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth. There is beauty everywhere, but issues like shovelling away snow from driveways, or being stranded because of frozen car locks; hamper the beauty of winters and snow. Nothing can be more exasperating than finding your car door locks frozen when you are ready to leave. Not only can this make it impossible to get into your vehicle, but also costs money and excessive time wastage to have it fixed. Here are a few tips from pro auto locksmiths about frozen car locks which will make it possible to handle this problem in the best possible way.

Auto Locksmiths about Frozen Car Locks

  • Prevention is better than cure.

You can prevent frozen car locks by being diligent and careful from the very commencement of winter. Apply a lock lubricant to the keyhole of your car, grease-less products work best. They do not attract dirt and won’t clog the entire lock system. Coat your car key with petroleum jelly, hand sanitizer or alcohol. By doing both these things regularly, you can prevent car locks from freezing in winter.

  • Handle with care

In case of a frozen car lock, do not try to force your key inside or try to poke anything. Plastics and even metal become very brittle in the cold, and you can cause damage to both your locks and the mechanisms inside your car doors. So be careful while dealing with a frozen lock.

  • Use a de-icer

You can melt down the snow inside your car lock by using a de-icer. Keep a de-icer nearby in winters, to help you in such situations. But in case it is not present you can use another device like a hairdryer to heat the lock. Try not to use de-icer on locks repeatedly; the chemicals can cause damage to your car door locks by washing away oils and damaging electronics.

  • Heat the key

You can heat the key with a cigarette lighter or lighted matches for 10-15 seconds. Be careful while doing so; heat the metal part of the car key, so you don’t damage the fob. Leaving the heated key in the lock for a while makes it easier to turn by melting the ice but do not force it.

  • Pour in some hot water.

Use some lukewarm water and pour it over the door lock or door frame. The water must not be too hot; it can crack your windshield because of temperature differences.

  • Scrape away the ice

Using an ice scraper is a good way to scrape away the ice around your car lock. If you do not have an ice scraper near you, you can use plastic cards, spatula, or hotel key to remove the ice.

  • If all things fail

If none of the above-mentioned tricks works for you, resort to a professional auto locksmith for help. Choose the locksmith who has prior experience, is diligent towards his work and is trustworthy. There are many options available online to help you find the most suited auto locksmith to help you de-freeze your frozen car locks.