TLC stands for Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) that was formed on 1971, it is an agency in charge for licensing and regulating New York City’s medallion (yellow) taxicabs, for hired vehicles, commuter vans, and par transit vehicles.

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All new TLC driver candidates must take a computer managed test after the 24-hour class and score a least 70% to pass. The driver needs to pass the exam within 90 days of applying but is free to attempt it as many times as it takes him to crack the exam. This is a computer run exam. Courses presented are Map interpretation, local geography, Driver-passenger relations, Training for the City Information. All geography problems on the examination are “open-book,” meaning that you are permitted to use a map and an address locator while answering these questions. Some of the questions on the examination are “closed-book,” meaning that you are permitted no external help when answering these questions. Answers dealing with TLC Rules and Regulations are usually closed-book.

Therefore to help you here we are going to share a few tips that will surely help you to clear this exam.

  • Fulfill all the licensing demands

When you apply for TLC they will ask you for certain proof and paper works that you need to keep ready some age, documentation, driver’s license and DMV records requirements top the list of demands. For example, if a candidate has applied for taxicab driver’s license he at least needs to be 19 years old and needs to present a lawful government allotted picture identity card and a legal, original Social Security card. A candidate must possess a Valid Driving License and a copy of Driving Record. If the candidates driving license has been issued by another state than New York then, in that case, he should present the Commission with a summary of his or her driving record from the Candidate’s state of residence.

  • Candidate should be physically fit

The physical and mental well-being of a candidate is very important for passing the TLC exam. A candidate who has applied requires to be certified by a doctor licensed by NYS or the Candidate’s state of residence. And if in case anyone fails to pass the medical test he’s driving license gets void by the state government.

  • Learn more about the geography of New York

It is very obvious that the candidate who has applied for TLC needs to be acquainted with a geographical area of the place. This will not just help you in passing the test but also when you take up driving professionally. Therefore a candidate must be aware of the geography, streets and traffic regulations of the City of New York, the rules and regulations of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission and the Vehicle and Traffic Law of the State of New York.