Tips to Consider: Custom Piston Installation and Application 1

The joy of racing has never been expressed as a slow and continual process. It’s fast and loud, which only ignites the spirit when the tires screech through the racing track, smelling of burnt rubber. The very art of pure racing comes only with and for speed. This said, as a racer, you don’t want to wait for anything, let alone your custom auto piston lead experience. So here are a few tips to keep in mind as you wish for lightning speed custom piston lead in your race car!

Piston Installation and Application

Know Your Custom Piston!

Knowing your automotive piston is extremely important in allowing the process to occur quickly and smoothly. Knowing your price range, the bore measurements, the ring area, are all key elements required for your custom piston process to be as fast as you wish to swerve.

Know Your Car and Your Custom Piston Needs!

Understand your car and the purpose you wish for the piston to accomplish. The piston must be decided based on the application and not merely on the show and look. Make sure you do your homework on the various types of pistons required for the purpose and your car. You don’t want to get a piston that doesn’t fit your vehicle and just be stuck with it. Make sure you ask yourself some important questions, such as if the engine has a supercharger or how much horsepower you intend to make, even the compression ratio you wish for. Remember to take all of this into account as you go on to make your choice.

Samples Matter!

There are some cases in which a custom piston survey or questionnaire of sorts cannot really paint an entire picture of the complexity of the custom piston required of your automobile and the automotive piston. If your piston is an unusual and rather unique shape, or perhaps even or is from an uncommon and, of course, unique engine platform, it’s a good idea to have a factory sample ready to send in. This will help you completely understand the piston needs of your vehicle and yourself as well.

While these tips will suffice in understanding your piston ideations and needs, there are further intricacies that you may not be aware of, for which going to a professional is always a good idea! DSS Racing is an excellent platform for all your queries to be answered and for all your piston customizations to come true. DSS Racing allows you to transparently know the very art of custom piston making and installation while working through your own personal ideation of what you wish the piston to perform. Visit them on their website to know more information and to be on your way to transforming your car into the racer of the century!