Tips to Effectively Eliminate Pet Odors 1

Pets are undoubtedly the best companions to brighten our lives! We all love these lovely creatures, like family members. However, the way pets make our home smell is bothersome. Whether you have a furry kitten or a giant dog, dealing with a pet odor is challenging. The stubborn pee smell can stick around, and the longer the dog pee or cat urine sits on a carpet, the worse the problem becomes. It not only smells awful, but pee spots also look unpleasant.

If left untreated, the urine gets soaked into the carpet and the pad below or the wood floors. As the bacteria build-up, it spreads diseases and makes eliminating spots and odor more complex. Whether you’re a landlord or renter, pet odor can be a major issue to consider before finalizing the deal. So, if you’re struggling to eliminate pet odor, here are some tips to get that lingering smell out of your house.

Effectively Eliminate Pet Odors1. Don’t wait. Blot up liquid immediately

This is more of a preventive measure to address the problem before it gets out of hand. Make a habit of blotting up all the liquid before it dries by covering the area with paper towels, absorbent cloth, or a mop, and use your feet to press gently.

2. Vacuum is a must!

Your carpets, furniture and even fabric window coverings hold innumerable pet hair, dust, and dander. As such, it’s necessary to vacuum the entire carpet and the non-carpeted floor in your home, including any area rugs. Vacuum all your furniture, stairs, floors, upholstered furniture, and curtains with the appropriate attachments. To remove that lingering smell, you may also treat carpets and rugs with baking soda.

3. Give Sunlight and Fresh Air treatment

You can wash all your linens, including couch cushion covers and pillowcases. While items that cannot be washed, such as upholstered furniture, throw rugs, or portable fabric-covered items, should be exposed to sunlight. Open all windows and leave those items outdoors on a sunny day to eliminate all odors stuck within fabric fibers.

4. Treat the problem area

Sometimes, you can’t identify the source of the stench. In such a case, turn off the sroom lights and use a handheld blacklight or UV flashlight to find urine spots. Once you’ve identified the spots, you can treat them with vinegar or enzymatic cleaner. Vinegar must be used with caution because it may discolor your carpet. Take vinegar and water in equal amounts and treat the problem area. Leave the solution for a few minutes and then blot the area by pressing it with folded paper towels. Once dry, sprinkle baking soda, leave for 20 minutes, and vacuum the area.

Another option is using a natural enzymatic cleaner to eliminate pet odor and bacteria. You may use any enzymatic cleaner, such as Nature’s Miracle, but these cleansers take some time. Whatever solution you use, always test the cleaner to ensure it’s safe for your carpet.