No one likes cable connection via cords these days. It’s like a cord-cutting revolution going on. However, there are so many services out there. All these services can only be availed after paying hefty monthly bills from cables and satellite providers.

THE PERFECT HD ANTENNA FOR HDTVNetflix, Hulu, and Amazon are services that can be availed at a lower price. It’s a growing trend and which is also why cable tv-operators have lost record-breaking subscribers. So if you want to join this trend, you might have to give a thought to an HD antenna. An HD antenna will enable you not just to pick up local TV channels, but it will provide you with several other channels that will help you watch live TV for free. In fact, you will be surprised to see the number of free channels you can watch with your HD antenna’s help.

Antenna here doesn’t mean old school rabbit ears that struggled to give you fuzzy reception. But it means that you can pick over-the-air (OTA) broadcast channels like ABC, FOX along with sporting channels and local news, which are broadcast on OTA television in High Definition. Here are some tips to help you start with it:


Before getting an HD antenna installation, you must try to note the various channels available to you in your area. You can search for the number of channels with the help of a channel finder tool. All you have to do is enter your ZIP code, and it will show you all the networks and their channel and the signal strength. Always try to keep in mind the surrounding landscape of your home. If you stay in a hilly area or mountain or a building, the reception may be poorer than these tools indicate. Whereas on an elevated area, you may find signals even from a distance.


The next step is to pick up the right antenna based on your location and geography. There are different kinds of antennas for different kinds of purposes. If you stay in a city with great exterior signals, your external antenna could choose any signal. To avoid such a situation and choose only the strongest one, you can use an omnidirectional antenna as it chooses only that one signal, which is the strongest of all. Similarly, if you live in a rural area, the chances are that signals will be too weak to catch by your external antenna; you might as well then go for a directional antenna because they help to pinpoint a specific cell tower. They pick up signals from far-off areas and amplifies signal strength. So choose accordingly.


Once your antennas arrive, the task is easy. You can install it, but if you have a problem, feel free to call a good professional and reliable service for all your television needs. All you have to do is screw the coax cable into the back of your TV, and setup wouldn’t take much time. Sometimes there can be an error; try to place your antenna in an elevated location. Also, sometimes placing it near a window can help. However, if you stay in an area with good reception, you can avail of a flat antenna on the back of your TV.

Follow the above tips and enjoy watching your favorite channels and shows with the perfect HD Antenna for free HDTV.