Mathematics is all about studying shapes, structures, space, and numbers. Mathematics is a convenient subject, and the application of mathematics can be seen in the real world. To score good marks in mathematics, you have to develop an interest in the subject, and you have to understand the subject well. In this article, some tips are given to help the students learn maths more effectively.

Mathematics Examination

Master Your Basics

There are many formulas and constants like pi’s value, area of a circle, area of a trapezium, and many more in mathematics. Make a list of formulas and constants to get stuck just because you forgot the formula whenever you are solving some questions. You can also refer to NCERT 9 maths solutions and formulas.

Go through your class notes.

After school, go through the class notes you took in class that day for a few minutes. Going through your class notes will help you recollect whatever is taught in the classroom, and it is quite similar to revision.

Solve similar questions

Suppose your teacher has given you 10 questions for homework, and there are 30 questions out of which the subject teacher already solves 10. Then, solve those questions also which were not solved yet and not assigned for homework. Solving this question will help you to see your strengths and weaknesses. If you still have any doubt, you can refer to the solutions like NCERT class 8th maths solution.

Study in a group

Different people have different approaches to solving a particular question. There might be some mathematics questions that will be tough for you, but the same can be easy for someone else. If everyone in the study group has doubts about something, ask your subject teacher for help.

Follow the above strategies to prepare for your upcoming mathematics examination, and you can also subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel for mathematics study materials: