Top 7 Tips for Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company 1

If you own a decent-sized business, you would understand how difficult it can become to ensure and manage your units’ cleanliness. But it is a crucial part of the success of your business. A clean environment helps boost the employees’ productivity, and it also helps to win your customers and clients’ trust.

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Managing cleaning in a commercial environment can get difficult. That’s why commercial cleaning companies exist. They take care of all the operations for you. But choosing one is not easy. It’s almost as difficult as hiring an employee for your company.

So let’s have a look at all some factors that you should be looking at while hiring a commercial cleaning company

Experience Matters

Commercial operations are different when compared to residential companies. It is important to ensure the company you hire has the experience to work in professional environments. Experienced companies have built their foundations on the positive response from their clients. So never underestimate the power of experience when choosing a cleaning company.

Flexible Schedule Options

Each business has its own set of cleaning requirements. Your operations may force you only to allow cleaning at night. Or maybe you are a sports center where hygiene and cleaning areare always the topmost priority. The cleaning company should be able to cope with your demands. Give them a pass if they cannot comply with your time demands.

Safety Standards

Some businesses are legally bound to comply with certain safety and cleanliness standards. These may include schools, hospitals, research centers, etc. The cleaning company should have the equipment, training, and resources to handle such standard compliances. Again, look for experience. Ask them to give you evidence of their professionalism and activity.


If you are a small company and hiring a small cleaning company, you should have a word about its availability. Being small, they may not be able to handle multiple clients at once. If you want the best job done, you must have a company that can devote its full attention to your stuff.

The Fees and Budget

Are the rates hourly, or is it a one-time fee? Is negotiation possible? Are there discounts for long-term contracts? These are just some of the questions you should ask the company about the costs and budget.

Staff Quality

Is the staff trained in handling the cleaning duties of a professional environment? Commercial duties often involve the use of bigger tools and equipment. Ensure the cleaners have the proper training to use them without any problems. Formal qualifications are not necessary, but having them is a plus point.

Should Carry Insurance

Because of the use of chemicals, tools, and other equipment, there is always a chance of accidents. To protect your business and the employees, you should ensure the company carries proper licensing and insurance certificates.