We go to the gym to get fit, and tone our muscles. We go for hikes to test our endurance and stamina. We are training our body by doing the above activities. Similarly, it is utmost important that we train our brain too. Now, when you are going to the gym, we have some specific set of activities that we do daily, to train our muscles. Similarly, for brain there are mental activities, or exercises or techniques that strengthen or train your brain to act more precisely. It just simply means that more number of neurons would be working on that part of the brain, and they’ll also have a stronger connection. Brain Training has been a very hot subject for neuroscientists, and for decades they have been trying to find out what, can actually strengthen different parts of our brain, in order to make it more efficient.

In this article, we will discuss about Meditation, Biofeedback, Cognitive therapy and Cognitive Training as important part of brain training procedure.

Meditation-: Brain training is similar to that of muscle training that we do in everyday life, but the difference is that, brain training is more of mental exercises which helps us strengthen a part of our brain from time to time. Meditation has long been known as a cure for attention problems. There have been long debates as to, if meditation is actually helpful for enhancing one’s attention. Over the years, neuroscientists have conducted many studies taking in a wide variety of people from different age groups and different mental conditions, and asked them to practice meditation. The inference and the conclusion that has come out is that, meditation actually helps in improving some cognitive functions, and one of them being attention.

Biofeedback Based-: Now, biofeedback-based devices have been used in the medical industry from a long time. But, it was mainly used to measure different variables like skin conductivity and the variable heart rate. The main propaganda of these biofeedback-based is that, they show important data related to one’s body, so that one can adjust. In the modern days, the biofeedback-based machines are also used in measuring neuro-feedbacks or brain activities. The machines used EEG technology to measure different attributes of the brain like alertness, stimulus etc., and gives a conclusion based on the data provided.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-: We, as human beings experience a lot of things in our life. Our attitude towards the outer world is based on that. Our behaviors and emotions are generally influenced by the experiences that we have achieved in our lifetime. Hence, some people tend to behave abnormally, and rather in an out-casted way. CBT aims to improve some cognitive functions in a human brain such as flexibility and planning. It also improves traits and behaviors of some people.

Cognitive Training-: Sometimes when children are born, they are still-born, and they can’t walk or talk. Neuropsychologist helps these children regain their strength of walking, and aim towards improving some of the cognitive functions of their body by adopting specific brain training procedures.
Sometimes people who have suffered traumatic injuries due to an accident, are also subjected to several brain train methods, so that they relearn how to talk and make decisions.

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