An international tour is part of any senior media or marketing executive’s job description. Whether visiting to attend a conference, interview for a brand new function, meet global groups, or go to customers, nearly everybody in media has a tale of woe involving ignored flights, getting hopelessly lost, or misplaced bags.

We requested senior media executives who frequently travel for the enterprise to percentage their most alarming or frustrating tour mishaps. The fine responses seem underneath:

Trains planes

Amy Kean, former head of approach and insights, Mindshare Asia Pacific
One afternoon, I took an Uber from my resort to the Mindshare workplace in Kuala Lumpur [Malaysia]. After some miles, the driver started out screaming. I idea he was having a heart assault or had run over a cat, but it turned out his [GPS navigation system] had stopped working. He punched the system for a minute or so, then the emergency stopped. All around us, motors had been beeping and swerving. He said, “I can’t do this. I’m sorry, Amy. You want to get out.” He refused to restart the automobile until I did. Given we had been on a toll road, I needed to dodge motors going at a hundred miles an hour to get to the side of the street — the maximum terrifying 20 seconds of my lifestyle. I walked down a side avenue, only to come back face to face with a person I was later instructed to become the King of Malaysia. He nodded a quick hiya in my path and then were given into a far larger, probably greater dependable automobile.


Bruce Daisley, vice president of Europe, Middle East and Africa, Twitter
Last week, I boarded a flight with some Pret [A Manager] porridge in hand. I realized as soon as we have been strapped in that I had no spoon. I tried pouring it into my mouth; however, it was too gloopy, so I used the pinnacle — which changed into about the dimensions of a bin lid — to try to spoon it in. At a few degrees, I found out the man next to me turned into filming me. No doubt I ended up as an atrocious video on someone’s each day Story.

Chris Duncan, handling director, Times Newspapers
I once flew Garuda airlines out of Jakarta [Indonesia]. The plane becomes nearly empty, which changed into unexpected, so I asked the stewardess why, and she responded, “We have a horrible safety document.”

Marco Bertozzi, vice chairman of Europe, Spotify
On my way to India thru Dubai, I offered a hoop at Heathrow [Airport] for a big anniversary to shop tax. I arrived in India at 2 a.M. And became confronted by customs and needed to claim it. They then slapped me with a £1,500 ($2,000) tax bill. I negotiated with them for 2 hours. Eventually, he asked what I’d be willing to pay. I commenced with £500 ($668), and he widely wide-spread. I then advised him the cashpoint might want the most effective release of £250 ($334), so he agreed and shook my hand, and as I got the money out, I stuffed the rest down my pants. Another guy with a gun then escorted me to a specific room, and I advised him it’d best supply me £50 ($67). An hour later, he came lower back and instructed me I turned into a good man, shook my hand, and stated I might want to move. I left at 6 a.M., shattered.

Meagan Lopez, director of income making plans and advert operations, New York Times International
My first experience in Asia got here with the regular jet lag my first night time. I determined to walk around Tiananmen Square at 5 a.M. To peer several websites before the day commenced. I walked through the Forbidden City, beyond the Palace Museum, around working towards tai chi masters, and nipped into a store. I realized my first meeting was going to start very quickly. I attempted to flag down a cab — three stopped, but none might take me! Finally, a person seemed to leap out of the timber at me. He had a tuk-tuk. We negotiated some cash, and I changed into off — perfect and booted and hurtling thru Beijing, hopping on sidewalks, between humans, cars, and bikes.

Rob Bradley, vice president of digital business approach and sales, CNN International
I lost my passport on considered one of my first journeys with CNN whilst in New York and had to name my new boss, cap in hand, to give an explanation for why no longer best changed into I stuck in NYC, however, the next week’s experience to Asia with 20 consumer meetings in the diary might need to be postponed. However, that afternoon I determined the magic of emergency passports. The most effective get you domestic as soon as you can’t tour again on them as soon as domestic. However, you can head domestic via five nations. So, in preference to going lower back to London for the weekend, I flew straight to Asia from New York on an emergency passport! Awkward situation averted.

Anonymous head of programmatic at a national writer
On the final day of a Stockholm conference, the usual traditional jovialities befell within the nighttime. A lot of alcohol becomes worried till early morning. As we had been all going returned to the airport, one of the different publishers banged on my door for a good 10 minutes to wake me up. While packing, I managed to place my footwear into my luggage and walk out of my room and all the way down to the foyer barefoot. I nevertheless managed to miss the aircraft.