5 Must-Try Pubs of Connaught Place to Treat the Party Animal in You 1

Connaught’s nightlife is diverse, but you will find the posh clubs and bars in several deluxe hotels. These creations appeal to an exceptionally dressed wealthy gathering and a cover charge to meet. Although, several casual, trendy stand-alone party places have recently unlocked and are exclusively proving to be famous substitutes. Do note that the legitimate drinking age is 25, and identity proof for age might be needed. By extension, most clubs and bars are closed around 2 A.M.So, book cheap flights from Mumbai to Delhi and head to the below mentioned places to enhance your nightlife!

Unplugged Courtyard

This place is a chilled out pub and bar to unravel by the day and changes into a partying space for the night birds to exclusively be rollicking. They have several distinct seating regions–terrace, courtyard, and lounge area. The stuff that remains the same throughout the 24hrs is the exceptional standard of cuisine from all around the planet on our menu, along with the ideal consolidation of drinks. Just like they say, to unplug your worries, unplug your agony, and switch into contentment.

The contemporary vintage culture will prompt you as you pass across the sandstone patio with a Neem tree with brick clad walls all around it in the center stage.

F Bar and Lounge

Considering for a royal and delightful visit, the outrageous F Bar and Loungefulfil all your desires at one point- Mesmerizing music events, Decent bar, Delicious cuisine, Astounding setup, Dance. With exceptionally satisfying and delicious cuisine, the one plus one option exclusively makes way for your budget-friendly beverages. It’s for you Music enthusiasts- rock bands belting out tracks with an unusual mixture of jazz, rock, and Hindustani contemporary songs. The décor and atmosphere of the region are for sure an excellent refresher. Foodies! You do not have to wait anymore– a multi-cuisine space with some collections for you.


Odeon Social

Odeon Social combines the best of the bistro and the office. Social is the space of the freelancer and residence of innovative souls seeking an exceptional substitute to an average working day. In Connaught, Bangalore, and Mumbai, Social is a path-bursting hangout for the urban community that is crafted to take you offline while eventually keeping you linked, a place where networking can happen even if the net’s not operating (do not stress, the net’s always operating).

Visit Odeon Social and exclusively enhance and relive the ravishment of being Social and that too offline. What if your office appeared more like a super refreshing bistro rather than a chamber? What if your conference space had a bar connected?

The Townhouse Café

Townhouse Café

Outlining for a grand and captivating visit, the amazing Town House Cafe fulfills all your desires at one go- interesting music events, decent bar, enticing cuisine, Dance, fantastic setup. With exceptionally craving cuisines, you will surely relish pocket-friendly drinks with a 1+1 option in place. You will be able to enjoy a magical combination of classical tracks. The decor of the cafe is a complete refresher. It’s a cafe with a comprehensive menu for your cravings.

Farzi Café

Farzi Café

The term Farzi can exclusively have several meanings, but at Farzi Café, it has the only one which is “constituting an illusion” with its menu. Concentrated at the gourmet bistro and the teens of India, Farzi Café –is best acknowledged as a gourmet experience blending contemporary global meal with Indian influences, culinary styles, modern presentations, and surroundings. Imparting a generous dosage of Indian influences and flavors provides international cuisines, where culinary art matches the alchemy of the latest cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy.

So, if you want to spend an evening at these fantastic clubs that assures you a night to remember, book cheap flights from Mumbai to Delhi and get grooving!