Types of Scaffolding Equipment and Their Use 1

You might be wondering the meaning of the term- Scaffolding. Starting with the substance itself, Scaffolding means a temporary platform or framework made from wood that helps the workers stand or sit on it while doing various jobs or tasks at heights above the ground level. It can be suspended from above or supported from the ground level, i.e., at an inclined or elevated surface. Therefore, it’s specially constructed to ease access to heights away from our reach.

Scaffolding Equipment

Nowadays, many types of scaffolding equipment are readily found in the market. Irrespective of their kind, all of them are manufactured, keeping one thing in mind: “Your Safety.” Construction companies buy or hire more than one type of Scaffolding to get different tasks done.

Different types of Scaffolding are discussed here below:

Suspended Scaffolding

Window painters or washers generally use suspended Scaffolding as it can be draped with heavy-duty ropes, weights, and pulleys. It works on the grounds of a balanced platform (raised area) that lifts and lowers accurately, relying on the site where it is used.


Cantilever Scaffolding

Cantilever scaffolding is convenient to erect, and it can safely hold one construction worker and all the basic supplies if it is set up correctly. This type is utilized to lean (angle out) from a structure and is not used like the other scaffolding equipment where it is placed at the structure’s side.

Single Pole Scaffolding

Made up of a singular row of poles, single-pole scaffolding totally banks upon the structure along which it stands for support.

Birdcage Scaffolding

Birdcage scaffolding includes uniformly spaced rows of poles standing straight in parallel lines to look like a birdcage. After that, thick wooden planks are placed in a bar above the equipment’s bars and ultimately safeguarded by clamps.

Aerial Scaffolding

Aerial lifts are generally put-up equipment that can be lifted to varying altitudes and positions. This specific kind of equipment is very profitable for workers, specifically when they require Scaffolding to be elevated to a changed status. An aerial lift needs bonds that can prevent them from being suddenly removed from the hook that carries the charge to achieve it.

Now you are well versed with the different kinds of scaffolding equipment in the market and their exact use. SS scaffolding equipment is generally used on a construction site, but you can also get one for your home if needed.

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