An underclassman NFL combine? Urban Meyer likes the concept 1

Thirty of the ninety-six underclassmen (31 percentage) declared for the 2016 NFL draft were no longer selected. That wide variety turned into up from the preceding yr when 24 of 84 underclassmen (29 percentage) went unpicked in 2015.

NFL combine

That truly doesn’t mean the ones can’t pass on to have rich NFL careers, but it makes it a chunk tougher. And there’s no alternative right now to move again to school — when you declare, your eligibility has run out.

Rex Ryan talks with Ohio State football instruct City Meyer. (Image by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Pictures)

Identifying the best way to guard the players and deliver them the maximum accurate statistics about their draft stocks has been something that each college and NFL coaches have sought to refine in current years. And Ohio State’s City Meyer, who watched of his nine underclassmen who declared this yr pass undrafted, is advocating a machine he thinks should assist save you extra awful choices from occurring Web Posting Reviews.

What Meyer thinks will assist, per PFT, is a system similar to one that Alabama head coach (and previous NFL head train) Nick Saban has proposed inside the beyond: underclassmen combine a form of event. However, Meyer and Saban assume that having some event for growing juniors and 0.33-12 months sophomores in the spring would possibly assist the system.

“It’s now not a technique that’s properly completed properly now,” Meyer stated Wednesday. “There’s a rule that asserts the NFL can’t look at juniors. Well, of course, the NFL [scouts] are going to look at a junior, and they must study a junior.”

However, spring practices normally happen as NFL teams are deep in instruction for that yr’s draft. Including some other event to preferred managers’ plates at that time of year is probably a chunk tricky. Would this be one principal event just like the traditional integration? That’s possibly not feasible so that you’d have these underclassmen activities everywhere in u. S .? Proper now, the info is not making a great deal within the manner of logistical sense.

“We’re going to attempt to get something where there’s a time those [scouts] can sincerely are available, and they can work out the juniors. Because data is good,” Meyer said. “[The players] are getting their statistics someplace, so why now not get it from the professionals — the scouts, the general managers, human beings who have the right statistics? They’re getting it from agents and that they’re getting it from wannabes, and that’s not appropriate records.”

Nevertheless, the concept is noble. And Arkansas teach Bret Bielema has long gone even besides: Let underclassmen declare, and if they’re undrafted, they must be capable of come again to school. After all, offensive lineman Denver Kirkland applied and went undrafted and now faces cracking a deep roster of the Oakland Raiders camp. You recognize the logic to some extent.

Satisfactory, so what’s the hassle, you ask? Well, that underclassmen wide variety — 84 putting forward in 2015, 96 in 2016 — nearly sincerely Might rise again. With not anything to lose, why not claim? No damage, no foul. Except that those players Could be lacking spring practice probable, and that Might afflict their respective groups.

Right now, the extensive-stroke thoughts sound correct. Giving underclassmen the whole image seems important. Proper now, a few terrible choices primarily based on terrible recommendations are being made. However, till we’ve got a machine where that information is weeded out, and players can surely find out where they stand in the NFL’s eyes with a system that works for all parties, it seems like we’re no longer near this type of event coming to fruition.