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Should You Upgrade to Windows 10?


When Windows 10 was first released our answer to this question was “Let’s wait 6 months and see how well it is received.” Undoubtedly there will be user community feedback, or outrage if it turns out to be another lemon like Windows Vista and 8, but even if it has a glowing reception, there will be a lot of software and security updates released by Microsoft in the ensuring months. That in mind, let the early adopters get over those big humps before allowing this unknown entity to pose a risk to your office productivity and contentedness.


Well, several months since its release to the public Windows 10 seems to be successful, thanks in no small part to Microsoft actually listening to their customers and bringing back what made Windows 95 and subsequent iterations so successful, the Start button.

So, our answer to the question, “Should we upgrade… ?” or “Can we start buying computers with Windows 10?” has evolved into the following definitive, crystal clear, unambiguous response: It depends.

Does Windows 10 have a feature that you need? Is there a compelling business reason to upgrade?

If you’re sole motivation to upgrade is to have the latest and greatest, and there is no significant cost or risk (you have a good backup, right?), then go for it.

The upgrade is free from Microsoft, but if you are in an office with outsourced IT support, it’s not so likely that they will perform the upgrade, as well address the inevitable post upgrade issues, as a complimentary value-add.

2. Do your production applications support Windows 10?

Vendors such as HP and Dell will still sell you Windows 7 PC, which tells me a lot – there are a great deals of people out there who still want or need Windows 7 for a variety of reasons. The first two that come to mind are that 1) their production applications won’t run on Windows 10, and 2) they don’t want to have the headaches associated with users who resist any type of change. Some of our clients’ most productive users are in their 70s. They love it when they get fast machines loaded with Intel’s latest, hyper sonic processor, tons of RAM and lickety-split SSD hard drives, but don’t you dare take away that keyboard with the letters worn off. And you’ll be wise make their wallpaper the same as the old machine, and get those icons just right, too. If you have these kinds of users, then I don’t suggest going to Windows 10 unless you absolutely must.

Getting back to reason number 1, you need to verify your production applications (QuickBooks, point of sale software, etc.) will run on version 10. You can do this by first making a list of those applications and visiting their web sites to see what their requirements are. You can safely skip the Office Suite unless you are running version 2003, in which case you’ll want to bump that up for other reasons (Microsoft ended support a few months ago).

If everything checks out, it would not hurt to enlist your least computer challenged users in a pilot group with Windows 10 running all of your productions software for a month or so. Once you know it works properly and won’t cause more problems than it solves, by all means, upgrade and/or order your future machines with Windows 10. At the very least, that nagging prompt to upgrade will go away!

If you need any help to decide if Windows 10 is right for you, please drop us a line any time. We would love to talk to you!


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