The topic of death is not much talked about, for obvious reasons. No one wants to believe it, but we all have to face the day where we will have to shuffle off this mortal coil and need a funeral. The whole process of planning a funeral takes a toll on the family of the deceased. To make things easier on your family, you can do the planning part beforehand. Although this might appear creepy, this is also necessary to spare at least some chunk of grief on the part of your family.


There are a lot of things to take care of while planning a funeral. To help you with the whole process, we have enlisted some useful tips for casket planning below.


To plan a funeral, you first need to know what all happens at once. Three general happenings take place- preparing the corpse, holding the ceremony, and handling the interment.

Now comes the wide variety of options for each of these happenings, which you have to decide according to your preference. Whether you have to plan a full service at a funeral home, get a graveside, or plan a whole DIY ceremony are aspects you have to take care of.

Some more things to consider are who all to invite to be there, whether or not to let people view the body, burial place- in the ground or a tomb. To get some help in planning all that, you can also take your near and dear ones’ suggestions.


Funeral homes sell plans that promise better rates if you buy a package immediately, even before you’re actually dead. While this might seem like a smart move, it might not necessarily be. Fixing your funeral plan ahead of time with a funeral home might lead to situations where you may lose your money in cancellation fees if you change plans or move away from the state where you bought the plan. In short, paying for your funeral service ahead of time is a risky business.


It would help if you found out the average cost for the service. You can check out average funeral rates online. For better and more reliable information, however, you can ask people around you to give you some recommendations about a funeral planner that they must have used at some point. Stay open to multiple options as then, and you will be able to compare different costs and choose the most reasonable them.


Please do not feel intimidated by the funeral planner selling his package. You do not have to be hesitant in saying no. Remember that if you do not like a package, you don’t necessarily have to buy it. Planning a funeral is something very personal, and you do not have to settle for just anything. Buy a package only if you feel it’s worth it.