Washington Owners-Breeders Back Added Gaming at Emerald 1

The Washington Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association supports a preliminary plan that could allow Emerald Downs’ proprietor, the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, to feature slot device-kind games in Auburn, Wash. Music.

The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, which purchased Emerald Downs in 2014, is early within the method of trying to move 184 acres of assets that include the song into federal agree with fame and attempting to obtain a determination from the US Secretary of the Interior that the property is eligible for Class III gaming.

Under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, Class III gaming consists of everything from slot machines to online casino desk video games to pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing. Under the preliminary plan, the tribe could add 300 Tribal Lottery System machines, much like slot machines.

In a letter to members early Dec. 1, the WTBOA recommended the plan, which calls for 300 games on the 5th floor of the cutting-edge grandstand. The fifth floor presently also offers 15 desk video games, like blackjack, and a new racing simulcast place thanks to a $five million upkeep this year.

“It has ended up obvious that the Muckleshoot Tribe needs this enhancement to gaming, as mentioned inside the Emerald Downs charge-to-accept as true with a task description, on the way to assist make Emerald Downs a profitable situation,” the WTBOA said in its letter. “We hope that the approval of the rate-to-believe transfer, permitting continued operation of Emerald Downs as a horse racing facility, and installation and operation of as much as 300 gaming stations for Class III gaming sports, will further the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe’s objective of self-determination and financial diversification, in addition to boom the general welfare of the Muckleshoot Tribe and its individuals.


“We trust this, in flip, will lead to extra positive financial surroundings and a worthwhile undertaking for the Muckleshoot Tribe, in addition to for Washington breeders and owners, leading to a successful destiny for all. As the WTBOA Board of Directors, we feel that our endorsement of the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe Emerald Downs rate-to-consider task is essential so as for those fantastic consequences to take place, and accordingly, for Emerald Downs to keep to operate as a large horse racing facility in the Pacific Northwest.”

WTBOA president Dana Halvorson stated the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe had not offered a plan that would dedicate a positive percent of proceeds from the gaming operation to purses.


“That’s the priority for a number of our horsemen,” Halvorson said. “They need to peer a plan with a settlement to commit a sure percentage of money from this gaming to purses as we have seen in different states.”

The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe has built up a few goodwills with horse riders using committing $15.3 million to purses seeing that 2004. The tribe, which operates a big online casino about 5 miles from the song, has owned the Emerald Downs assets since 2002 and in 2014 bought the track operation from Ron Crockett’s Northwest Racing Associates, which owned the song from the time it opened in 1996.

Halvorson cited that the tribe has endured doing a super activity running the song because taking manage.

“Like everything else, it’s a tough business, and those who would love to look purse will increase,” Halvorson said. “They’re hopeful that ideally, we’d get something toward handbag upgrades. However, we will see.”

In its letter to members, WTBOA credited Emerald Downs and the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe’s endured help of the Washington Cup, a chain of six races for kingdom-birds that culminates with the $50,000 Muckleshoot Tribal Classic.

The addition of the 15 blackjack kind tables this 12 months is licensed using the nation. The plan to feature the slot machine-type gaming will require federal approvals. The blackjack tables do no longer mainly generate money for handbags, even though, other than that, the tribe has persevered to supplement purses.

Washington Owners-Breeders Back Added Gaming at Emerald 2

Because the tribe is searching to gather off-reservation land in consideration for gaming, the Secretary of the Interior ought to decide that the extra gaming might be within the best interest of the tribe and its contributors and no longer damaging to the surrounding community. That -component determination most effective can be made after consultation with the Muckleshoot Tribe and suitable kingdom and neighborhood officials, including officials of another close-by tribe. The governor of Washington must also concur with the 2-element determination earlier than gaming can arise at the proposed trust assets. Currently, an environmental evaluation of the plan is being carried out.

“We want to ensure racing maintains at Emerald Downs. They’re not threatening, but they have got delivered up that if (Emerald) does not get in the black, they might get near it down,” Halvorson said. “And if they do not get this (introduced gaming), at times, they have threatened to close it down.”

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