Ways to Find the Best Handyman or Contractor near You 1

The enthusiasm of homeownership carries various responsibilities of repairing and maintaining the house with it. At the same time, some of us are trained to deal with effortless issues of installing light fixtures or debris removal, while others prefer to get them done by professionals. A handyman is considered to be the jack of all trades and has the ability to deal with a variety of services. He is trained to work on various home services like plumbing, home renovations, decks, ceiling and fence repairs, tiling and leaks.

Handyman or Contractor

While hiring a handyman for your latest projects, you need to look for someone who has appropriate skills and can be trusted upon. Have a look at the following ways to find a reliable and trustworthy handyman for your home projects.


Make sure the handyman you are hiring has all the relevant and requisite certificates and licenses as issued and required by the recognizing authorities. Certifications of the contractors ensure that the person you are hiring has skills, knowledge, and ability to handle the queries of the customers. If you are hiring a handyman for large jobs, be particular that they have a license to operate in such jobs. Some states require the home renovator contractors to have licenses to work on big projects such as home renovations or demolitions.

Contracts and Receipts:

Avoid hiring a contractor who does not offer written contracts for bids. Written agreements assure you the certainty of the prices negotiated and the legal obligations of the handymen. Ask for receipts of payments you make as they help calculate the money flow and are proof of completed work. In addition to this, receipts also facilitate tax deductions if you are paying for investment in property or office building.

Relevant Searches:

Locating a handyman is not difficult. You can search them on social platforms and read reviews of various clients and customers. You can ask for referrals from your relatives or people living in your neighbourhood. And if you happen to live in a condo building, look for them on community bulletin boards or building websites. Your local hardware stores can also provide you with the contact information, business cards or web addresses of home service contractors.


Once you have screened and found few handymen, you can fix appointments with them and ask them questions relating to:

Do they charge an hourly basis or project basis?

How long will the project take and its total costs?

Do they hold relevant licenses?

Do offer guarantee of their services?

Do they have experience working on similar projects?

Besides asking them similar questions, ask them for providing some references too. Usually, a reputed handyman does not hesitate in providing the information of their past clients and customers. Conducting interviews assists in negotiating the terms and conditions of the contract.

Soon you have interviewed various handymen, and you can compare them and select the right contractor for your home services. The basis for comparison may be the emergency services provided by them, suitability with your needs, relevant experience or the scope of their work.