Have you ever thought about how many mobile phones there are in the world?

By the end of 2008 there were estimated 4.1 billion mobile subscriptions, comparing to 1billion in 2002. That represents six in 10 of the world’s population, although it is hard to make a precise calculation about how many people actually use mobile phones. Now the world has 5.6 billion mobile phone users.


Considering this huge number of mobile phones, it is obvious the big impact that these devices leave on human life. People surf the internet, search for the things they need mostly using the cell phones and portable devices. They stay connected to mobiles everywhere, all the time, and hardly someone can imagine his life without cell phone. Smartphone is always accessible nowadays. Everything becomes mobile and available in this world of high technology development Being Mad.

Does your website have a mobile integration?

More and more website owners are thinking about modifying their website, so that mobile devices will display the site in the best way. This is an interesting and definitely profitable way to receive more customers. As a rule, the person likes the things that are easy-to-use, clear and understandable. When a certain website is opened, everything needs to be well-defined, with user friendly interface and convenient text to read.



Website integration for mobile devices is important factor to pay attention to, because planning this and implementing successfully will bring multiple benefits. This is remunerative work.

The amount of the content for mobile optimize version should be reduced, only the most important features and content have to be left. Thinking about what will be easy to read and move around is important, because the website needs to be loaded in few seconds, otherwise a potential customer can be lost. Remember that only few people browse your website sitting comfortably at home, most of them are in transit, busy with their activities while doing this.

Building mobile compatible websites

Building a mobile compatible website can be considered the latest trend, because this is an additional option to generate traffic and leads for the business. These hand held devices will bring multiple leads especially if the business is related to customer products.

Basically there are two options to create a better mobile experience:

To optimize your current website for hand held devices;
To create a new mobile specific website.

The second way gives more opportunities, it is always easier to create something new from the start and to make exactly in the way it is planned or desired, then to modify the existing version and squeeze it into frames.

A completely separate website, with only few images and only the most important text is simple and pleasant for users. These factors and others that are well thought and are designed specifically for small screens are the main criteria to think about. The main goal is to receive as more audience, and this is possible when the information they are looking for are given in fast and comprehensible way. The website that is adapted for mobile users’ needs are more likely to be remembered and accessed again.