Windows are not only a way to a view. They also provide ventilation. Apart from all that, windows can also alter the way your house looks. Therefore, it is important to make sure that all the windows in your house are prim and proper. One way to ensure that is by getting any old or broken windows replaced. While getting window replacement installed, there are a certain number of things that you should expect. If you have never got replacement windows installed, you might be clueless about what to expect from the service. To help you understand what it takes to install window replacement, we have listed down some things to expect during a window replacement service.



Get in touch with a consultant who will help you know about the various measurements and kinds of window size, frame colors, and other customization options. Most window replacement companies have a consultant with whom you can talk and clear your queries out. If you are also keen on getting window grilles installed, you can talk about the same with your window consultant.

A consultation round also includes proper inspection of the existing windows. Do expect them to take precise measurements of the windows to suggest designs that are suitable for the window. They will check and see whether or not the wall openings will anchor the new windows. Also, make sure that the window installers fix problems like dry rot and others before removing the windows. The installation of new windows should begin only after all the existing problems are fixed.


You will be required to do certain tasks before the installation of your replacement windows begins. Replacement windows take some time to get built. They are then checked for quality and then are loaded to deliver them to their respective destination. It usually takes anywhere from a few days to as much as a week for everything to get done – from consultation to installation. In between this time period, you should start preparing for the window replacement installation. Clear the area surrounding the windows that are supposed to be replaced. Remove any obstacles that come in the way to avoid any tripping or falling over. Take special care of anything breakable and keep it safely aside.


It is wiser to get a price quoted of the service initially to avoid any conflicts once the job is done. Ask your window replacement service provider to give you an estimated cost of the whole project. Ask them whether the cost of any supplies needed at the time of replacement window installation is included in their mentioned deal. Also, be wary of any hidden costs or extra taxes. Ensure that you specifically ask them about any added costs, which they do not usually mention in their deal. Doing this will save you from receiving any financial shocks during the time of final payment.