What to Look for When Choosing the Best Computer for Video Editing 1

For editing movies, you want a powerful gadget, which does not require gradual down. Here are the tips on deciding on the pleasant laptop for video modifying, and suggestions on building an effective gadget for video modifying from scratch.


While choosing a system for NLE (non-linear editing), certain configurations are ought to. Before we start discussing them, let us talk what is the great PC for enhancing movies. Is it a Laptop or Desktop? The greatest gain of desktop computers over desktops is portability and the much less space they occupy. But, consider me if you wish to perform a little extreme modifying, then having a setup fixed in a room works the nice. Why?

Because, while enhancing, you would really like a few peace, and positioned the setup in a room in which your little brother/sister or pet doesn’t disturb it. Also, even as rendering movies (that could take hours or even a night) takes time, it is great that you have a setup in a room which does not get disturbed.

Laptop Vs. Desktop computers

» The largest gain of having a computer laptop for video editing is that you can buy a powerful gadget for a fee that’s half or one-0.33 less of a pc, yet loaded with the equal capabilities.

» Another gain of a laptop PC over the laptop is that you could hold updating the hardware in a desktop, whilst updating laptop hardware is luxurious and has positive boundaries.

» Also, with a pc, you’ll get a smaller display, however with a laptop, you may get a big screen so that it will make the task of enhancing motion pictures clean as you’ll be able to view the videos minutely.

» So, sure, a laptop PC is the best gadget when it comes to video editing. But, if you nevertheless want to head for a laptop (perhaps, because of portability topics more to you), then there are computer fashions stated within the ultimate phase of this Buzzle article, which you can bear in mind.

Why cross for a Powerful Machine and no longer a Budget One?
So, why should you invest a piece greater and opt for the great powerful machine you can afford and now not a budget one? There are many motives why –

★ Because you want to lessen the time spent on rendering films and boom time spent on real modifying.

★ Because an effective gadget will not get previous without problems.

★ Because you do not should spend money buying improvements.

★ Because you don’t should be concerned approximately the device slowing down if you have to keep numerous movies or set up heavy software.

Features You Should Look for

There is a difference among configurations required for amateur video enhancing, and difference among configurations required for professional modifying. If you are looking for basic modifying, then you could use a primary configuration, but if you assume you may want higher and quicker modifying, then look for those capabilities in a device. Remember, for HD modifying you’ll need an excellent more effective device.


A precise RAM is important so that your machine would not make gradual down when you are installing a heavy editing software. An accurate RAM will even maintain editing and rendering films faster and smoother. Get a 16GB or greater RAM installed. Athlon and AMD processors used to be exceptional until i7 turned into brought, so opt for Intel Core i7 processor.

Hard Drive

You might be installing a video modifying software, saving modifying initiatives, rendering one undertaking in a couple of codecs, storing uncooked movies, and many others. For this, cause you need an awesome, tough force, maximum computers these days include a primary 320GB hard force capability, which isn’t suitable sufficient. So, cross for a minimum of 500GB or 1TB hard power. You can keep a separate partition on the force to keep all of your projects.


Graphics Card and Sound Card

Two critical functions required for video modifying are a pics card and a sound card. You can go for at the least Nvidia GTX670 images card or NVIDIA Quadro 4000/5000 if you can manage to pay for it.


Also, an ASUS motherboard, which is a preferred choice for CG work and enhancing, is a must. You should also have a perfect sound card because while you are video modifying, you may need to venture into some audio enhancing too. Another component you need to keep in thoughts whilst the use of a computer for NLE constantly, I suggest ‘always’ use the modern driving force to your photographs card.


A huge screen is vital, so you can preserve 2-three windows open together. Also, the interface of modifying software is huge. Having a big screen will let you edit and preview the video output without scrolling the interface. Go for minimum 17” display screen in case you are investing in a laptop, however, for desktop display screen the bigger, the higher. In truth, many professionals select monitors so that you can preserve multiple windows open while enhancing. This saves instances minimizing a window to visit the following; this means that you can devote extra time to editing. It also maintains the layers usually visible, which means you do not lose track of what layer or frame you had been operating on.


These were the hardware specs required, now about the software. The satisfactory video editing software program for beginners is Apple iMovie and Wax. If you’re considering professional editing software, then the selections are Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12, Final Cut Pro 7, Avid Symphony 6.5, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Also, Windows 7 sixty-four bit, is the first-rate desire of the working machine, due to the fact it’s far strong and runs the maximum of this software program smoothly. Windows 8 is reasonably new, so I could say you look forward to some more time before making the switch from 7 to 8.

Best Models of Desktop computers and Laptops for NLE

As you ought to have noticed the above configurations are easier and less costly to get on a computing device, but, if you want to do simple home video enhancing, then a primary laptop will suffice. Here are a few options.

Assembled Machine
This is the pleasant choice of computing device PC for video editing; you could buy the character parts one by one and install them yourself or with the aid of an expert. This manner, you could cut down on fancy looking parts, and buy effective hardware. Just purchase the above referred to parts, and add different fundamental elements like a cabinet, mouse, and keyboard to gather your machine.

Instead of purchasing a pc, assembling an effective device constantly will pay within the long term. This is due to the fact you may be having the liberty to pump-up the laptop with the effective elements of the excellent manufacturers available. Also, going for higher configurations than the essential will make certain that your computer stays an effective device for years. So, you don’t ought to update it every year with a new gadget, that may get very luxurious. You could have the freedom to replace the man or woman parts on every occasion you sense the gadget is not maintaining heavy rendering or modern-day software. However, in case you nonetheless feel that rather than a building, buying the pc is better, then recollect the underneath laptop models.

HP Z820 Computer Workstation

It comes with an excellent smooth layout and a huge display. This gadget is green, and you could customize this machine with a pix card of Nvidia or ATI. It has the large hard disk to keep your tasks, while not having to fear about ‘strolling out of area’. All in all, an amazing laptop for video enhancing. HP has also delivered all-in-one laptop, in case you don’t want the tower then recall the all-in-one systems.

Many experts say that iMac is the first-rate system out there for video enhancing. However, if you like working with a Mac interface or going to use a modifying software program that’s compatible with Mac simplest, then go for this computing device. You can choose the i7 processor, 32GB RAM, 27” monitor, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX graphics processor. If you want a computer, then cross for 17” Mac Book Pro.


HP EliteBook 8760/8770w Mobile Workstation
This is a superb technique to the HP’s computing device pc, now not the correct alternative although. However, it’s miles portable if that is what you’re aiming for. It comes with many ports, a 17″ show, i7 Intel Core processor, Windows 7, and a first-rate laptop battery existence.

Toshiba Qosmio X505-Q880
This is a splendid searching version that has a red and black colour combination. It is an outstanding computer for HD modifying, has the appropriate graphics card, powerful processing, and all this in first-rate finances.

You should purchase a pc from the above picks, however from my non-public revel in I might say, cross for an assembled gadget, because it has far greater advantages. However, if you are going for the particular model of PC or laptop, then go to their site and choose the great specs possible, to customize a quick device. Good luck!