Carpentry is a versatile occupation in construction, including tasks such as insulation of buildings, installation of drywall and cabinets, building a wardrobe and general repairs. Different carpenters excel in different fields and therefore one must hire a carpenter according to the project.

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Carpentry can widely be classified as rough carpentry, finish carpentry and cabinet making.

Rough carpenter (also called framers) specialize in constructing a framework or structure for buildings (offices and homes). Framing carpenters generally lay foundation for the finish carpenters by building rough wooden structures, such as concrete forms, scaffolds, sewer supports and temporary frame shelters.

Finish carpenters bring to life the structures created by the framers. Their work includes installation of finished wood, crown molding, windows and doors, decking and roofing. These also include trim carpenters who install and repair molding and trim found on windows, doors, etc.

Cabinet makers make high quality wooden items such as cabinets and robes. These craftsmen specialize in making fine furniture.

Tips for hiring a carpenter

A carpenter must be hired according to the job to be performed. You must classify the type of work that you need undertake and then hire a professional. The following points must be taken into consideration while hiring a carpenter:

  1. Feedback:

You must talk to your friends and relatives and ask for their opinions and suggestions. Highly skilled carpenters generally have a huge loyal customer base. People tend to give their honest views and hence it is the most reliable way. They can share their experiences with you on the basis of which you can shortlist a few carpenters.

  1. Credibility:

Once you have figured the kind of carpenter, you’re looking for then you must check their credibility. They must be qualified and possess a license to work. He must have an insurance for he might accidentally cause damage to your existing structure.

  1. Obtain quotes:

Before finalizing the carpenter, you must at least visit two to three carpenters and obtain quotes from them. Discuss your idea of the project and ask them for suggestions and alternatives. Negotiate with them and try to strike a suitable deal.

  1. Materials used:

Material used is of utmost importance- high quality wood and other raw materials always yield a good product. Ask your carpenter about the material he intends to use and do a little research yourself to make sure a standard level of materials is being used, that also fit into your budget.

  1. Inquire about guarantees:

Generally, most the renowned carpenters give some sort of service guarantee and material warranty. This will show how serious they are about their work and customer satisfaction. You must always insist on guarantees, just in case you would like to do some minor changes.

Additionally, if you get an opportunity to look at their previous work, would help land you on a decision sooner. Choosing the right candidate for the work holds primary importance to produce the desired outcome and hence should be wisely taken.