Drinking water, though seemingly everywhere, goes through a variety of processes to cleanse the water, before it reaches your home. Most of the fresh, drinkable water is inaccessible, because it is frozen in the polar icecaps. Therefore, there are certain methods and technologies that are used to sanitize and purify water – from any source, to ensure that it is drinkable. There are industrial water supplies, that are made up of complex and advanced filtration systems that ensure that the water you receive is safe to drink and consume. If you live in a region with a scarce water supply, water can be recycled and can be used in non-potable ways; like cleaning, or for bathroom purposes. Storm runoff, water from car washes, and rain water can be stored, recycled, and used for societal purposes.

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Non-potable water is extremely important to clean and recycle, because if it enters the environment non-recycled, it can damage the ecosystem, and can negatively impact the environment – resulting in damaged ecosystems, because of toxins and pollutants that were present in the water. Therefore, there are local, federal, and international laws regarding the treatment of non-potable water, and regulation of water disposal, before this water enters the rivers and oceans once more.
Water treatment systems and plants, thus, are necessary and vital components of any growing nation, because these plants provide us with safe, clean water to consume. There are water treatment plants for non-potable water, but there are treatment plants for potable water as well. There are many countries and continents, like Asia and Australia, that have highly developed treatment plants to provide their people with a steady supply of drinking water. This is done by taking saltwater, or water from other sources, and running this water supply through a rigorous industrial process to remove all contaminants, making the water safe to drink. Furthermore, there are certain waste treatment plants that treat sewage and water waste, converting that waste into usable water for society. This means that water does not get wasted and dumped into the ocean; rather, the water is reused to help conserve this precious resource.



Air Tree is a company located in Ontario, Canada that provides local communities with steady supplies of fresh drinking water, and can provide clients with several systems and options to get a supply of fresh, clean water for their daily use. The company ensures that hard water – or water with excess minerals and materials – is processed and converted into normal water that is safe to consume. Though hard water is not necessarily toxic, the minerals in the water can cause problems later on, making it easier to simply install a system that will convert hard water to normal water. Furthermore, the company provides their services at affordable rates, allowing you to have a system set up in your home, while still staying within your budget. The representatives at Air Tree will gladly provide you with expert guidance and advice on the best system for your home, to ensure that you will always have a steady supply of clean drinking water, along with clean water for you to use in your home.