These days more and more companies are hiring temporary workers. Reportedly, more than 17 million people in America work for companies as temps, contract workers, consultants, freelancers, seasonal workers, and interns. So why businesses prefer hiring temps, and how can your business benefit from temporary employees?

Contractual Employees

There are several reasons to hire short-term workers. If your company needs more hands during the seasonal rush, short-term employees, also known as “temps,” can be right for you. These contractual or temporary employees can help boost productivity by effectively managing your increased workload. Hiring a full-time permanent employee has its own advantages, but sometimes you need temporary employees for a single project. So, if you’re unsure about hiring short-term employees, here’s why temps can be an excellent choice for any business. Check out some amazing benefits of hiring a temp worker.

Saves Money

The process of hiring temps is more cost-effective than making a permanent hire. Also, when you hire an employee for the short-term, you may choose to pay an hourly. Whether you need more hands for a busy season or want an employee for a big new project about to take off, you need to pay only for the work you need. Unlike a permanent employee, you don’t need to provide additional benefits and other company perks. This is probably the biggest reason why companies prefer hiring temporary workers.

Saves Time

When you hire a temp through a temporary staffing agency, you won’t have to spend hours sifting through CVs, arranging interviews, and collecting references. The staffing agency will screen the candidate and perform all the legwork to save your time. Sometimes companies need an urgent temporary worker. An urgent situation may arise when a permanent employee falls sick, goes on maternity leave, or suddenly leaves the job. A staffing agency can expedite the hiring process to fill your vacant position quickly in all such emergencies. It will not only save your time but also help in moving your workload forward efficiently and effectively.

Get Access to New Skills

Unlike a common belief, temporary positions are not only meant for lower-level admin roles. Many organizations hire temps and contractual staff on a higher-level to bring new skills and improve efficiency or streamline production. If you have a big project which requires skills outside of your team’s area of expertise, you can consider hiring a temporary employee with that specific skill. A temporary employee can bring new ideas and fresh points of view to a seasoned team, which can be beneficial for the company and its clients.

Turn Temps into Permanent Staff

A worker who joined as a temp can be later offered a permanent position. This is a better option for companies because temps have already proven their efficiency. Often companies hire a permanent employee after rigorous screening and testing, but if the individual doesn’t fit their workplace. When you hire the wrong worker, it costs your time, money and reduces efficiency. But when you bring in a temp, your team will have time to evaluate if the individual is the right fit for your company.