WP Engine changed into founded in March 2010 with the aid of Jason Cohen after his experience of running and founding startups for decades. The idea for the startup, which has been evolved to enhance the rate of WordPress to make it more scalable and at ease, initially came to Cohen after noticing sites crashing due to excessive site visitors.

Speaking to Techworld, Jason Cohen, CTO and founder of WP Engine said: “I found that through doing client interviews that the ones have been the 4 matters; speed, scale, safety and provider for WordPress have been something human beings could pay 10 instances more for than they would pay simply to have the website online someplace in a less expensive state of affairs.

“So it became at the beginning born out of a need that I had, so the spark of the idea changed into something I had but it took a few studies to determine out whether it became sincerely an amazing concept,” Cohen brought.

This is how Cohen brought the idea to lifestyles, and because the years progressed and the business enterprise widened they started to do more to offer superior digital reviews for WordPress customers.

“One of the things we do is make a contribution plenty to the WordPress community, so WordPress is the open supply that means a number of human beings contributed to it and still accomplish that its part of our ethos. We have 5 core values that force the lifestyle of the organization and the ultimate one is being devoted to present back.



“I suggest it’s extremely good that we’re a hit however what are we going to do with our success? What happens subsequent, how can we make contributions back to the groups that fuelled us and made it viable for us to achieve success? That means a lot of things, meaning masses of personnel groups and locations like London, Austin and so on. It also manner the WordPress network,” said Cohen.

For WP Engine, WordPress is a community of freelancers and profession humans alike and giving again to the authentic place to begin is its central purpose. “There’s a purpose why it’s 30% of the internet, it’s now not all us it’s this complete network so how do we provide lower back to that?

“So as an example, we have complete time engineers whose activity is most effective to contribute code lower back to WordPress and despite the fact that all our competition get it, that’s what open supply manner. It is that we all contribute and we all advantage and that’s what it’s far and we simply assume it’s the proper factor to do,” he added.

Thousands of human beings around the arena make their number one dwelling from WordPress freelancing, and the general public of them do no longer stay inside the Western international.

“WordPress is a way for a person to make a residing and so we make sure that we do our component to assist make WordCamps exist and really cheap, maybe even unfastened to attend in order that humans can perhaps start a career like that and earn money on the aspect,” Cohen said.

WordCamps are meetings placed in round 65 countries around the sector and had been running for the reason that first event in San Francisco in 2006. The occasion is built to cover the whole thing associated with WordPress. WP Engine sponsors the WordCamps for you to permit people to wait at a low price, giving more humans the possibility to learn about WordPress.

“If we do properly for the community then a few human beings will pick out us or stay with us because of that, due to the fact they see us as being appropriate residents inside the international and in particular within the WordPress network.

When you supply back, the manner you deal with personnel and every other and the possibilities that you create for people, those are part of the solutions to how you get clients or personnel. So for instance 65% of our government team are girls and that’s pretty unusual for tech,” he added.

This also encourages more employees to join the organization, increasing the dimensions and diversity of the internet web hosting industry.

“Once you have got a critical mass of variety which means many various things, then you grow to be known for that after which parents want to be there. It’s no longer phrase its movements and now we’re here that’s critical for some of our customers,” Cohen said.

Choosing a WordPress Theme Based on Your Needs

Since there is a large number of WordPress issues that you may select from, you could easily experience crushed and flip to selecting a bad-exceptional subject. When you’ve got a wide range of options, it is good to understand what you exactly need.

Free vs. Premium

In the beyond, the rate of a topic stated lots approximately its quality. Usually, the unfastened ones have been poorly coded, and at the same time, used to collect touchy person statistics. However, there had been many adjustments currently, and WordPress community builders have to give you hundreds of free topics that look remarkable.

Essentially, there is no definite winner. Free and top rate topics, alike, include pros and cons, as special beneath:

Premium Themes


More updates

The pleasant motive to choose a top class product is because those subject matters are up to date every now and then. Considering the fast evolution of the WordPress CMS, it is essential to have a topic this is updated greater frequently that allows you to control the contemporary security troubles.

Less commonplace design

Since free WordPress themes are very popular, it is commonplace for lots of websites to apply the equal layout. On the other hand, those themes aren’t too common, making them stand out.

Better documentation

Many top rate products include a detailed PDF that explains the way to maximize them. This documentation is not common with loose issues.

Continuous help

Premium topic developers give the first-rate support by means of mixed live chat, public discussion board, plus an email ticketing gadget. Usually, unfastened topics simplest offer public discussion board as help.

Does not require attribution links

Most free themes require websites to encompass a link inside the footer to credit the theme’s creator. Though that is beginning to emerge as much less common amongst loose themes, you could rest assured that links aren’t required in premium themes.



When you select a premium subject, you have to spend from $50 to $200.

More configurations

Many premium issues include a custom management panel with special customization settings that take time to recognize and installation.

Non-vital capabilities

Premium subject matters include features you don’t really need, like a portfolio manager, a couple of slider plugins, plus extra skins. Though they make a subject matter more versatile, these undesirable capabilities generally tend to bloat the topic.

As an entire, an essential function that a subject ought to have, whether it’s miles lose or premium, is the fine in making it. The code’s nice will have an effect on all of the matters mentioned in this text, along with security and page speed.

The excellent way to evaluate the exception of a subject matter is to concentrate on what customers have to mention. When a subject comes with a public guide forum, read about the troubles humans are experiencing and the manner builders respond to resolving them.