Yelp Sets 100 Million Review Milestone 1

Yelp has announced that it has passed its 100 million review milestone. The site lets people review local businesses, including boutiques, services, and restaurants. The 100 millionth Yelp review was of a public park in New York.

Yelp Sets 100 Million Review Milestone
Yelp Sets 100 Million Review Milestone

Yelp was founded in July 2004, and the first review was contributed in October 2004. Yelp says it receives a new mobile review every 2.5 seconds. Some Yelp users are more prolific in writing reviews than others. Some people have written thousands of reviews on Yelp My Update Web.


Yelp says that 80% of its 100 million reviews are three stars are higher. There is 2,371 business that has 1,000 reviews or more. Businesses with this many reviews have an average rating of 4 stars.

A Chicago Tribune story about the service says most of the searches on Yelp now come through its mobile app. Smartphones and apps make it easy for people to write up a review right when they are at the local business. Yelp co-founder and CEO Jeremy Stoppelman says, “What mobile meant was you could articulate location in a much more meaningful way than when you were on the desktop.”