Cosmetic surgery has become the hottest trend today. It is used to enhance a person’s overall appearance and self-image, both via surgical and non-surgical procedures.

The number of people opting for this branch of plastic surgery has grown up to manifold times in recent years. People have become extra cautious about the way the look and are eager to find solutions for a change in their personalities.

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Cosmetic surgeries are carried out by certified and licensed plastic or cosmetic surgeons. Here are a few procedures offered by some of the cosmetic specialists out there.

Breast Surgery

Also known as mammoplasty, this type of surgery aims to reshape or modify the appearance of breasts. It includes – breast enlargement, breast reduction, breast reconstruction, and even simple breast lift.


It is used to remove excess fat from various body parts like thighs, hips, back of the arms, chin, neck, etc. Surgeons use this technique on males as well to solve the issue of their mammary tissues i.e. male breast reduction. However, this should not be mistaken as a weight-loss procedure; it is only to help you get rid of fat deposits.


It helps in re-shaping the abdomen area. In this surgery, any extra skin or fat is taken out to give a thinner and firm look to your abdomen. It is mostly used by women post-pregnancy and people suffering from high obesity issues.


This surgery is popularly known as a ‘nose job’ where the client’s nose is re-shaped with the aim to improve his/her face appearance. Rhinoplasty is also used by patients suffering from breathing problems. It is carried out by carefully considering the other facial features of the patient.

Thread Lift

It is used for subtle yet visible lift in the skin. A surgeon performs this technique by sticking up the portions of loose facial skin instead of removing it completely. Recovery from thread lift is easy and the patients need not be heavily sedated like in the case of other facial surgeries.

The results of these cosmetic surgeries are often permanent and also involve a few risks and limitations. So, it is important to undergo counseling first and gain surety for taking up any of these routes. Here are some factors to consider before you proceed:

  • Expectation Level

One has to bear this in mind that all types of cosmetic surgery gives only improved results and not perfect outcomes. So, if the expectations are unreasonably high then there are higher chances of disappointments.

  • Overall Expenses

Cosmetic surgeries can cost quite a lot. So, one should know his/her financial constraints well and spend accordingly.

  • Degree of Risks Involved

When undergoing cosmetic surgery, there are possibilities of the client developing surgical complications like blood loss or infection. However, there are fewer chances if you take treatment from a qualified expert.

  • Recovery Time

Treated body parts can take up to days or even months to recover after the surgery. Hence, one has to undertake all sorts of precautions to stop any infection from building up.