6 Essential Tips for Hiring a Moving Company 1

Life keeps you at your toes all the time. You are in the prime of your job, but sorry you got to move to a new city. Your business is running fine but guess what, the government has raised the taxes in your region, so you got to take your business to a new area.

Hiring a Moving Company

Life is all about moving. And to execute a move smoothly, you need a good moving company. A company that will take care of your valuables while planning your new life in a new area. While there are thousands of moving companies out there but you need to make the right choice. After all, you don’t want your exclusive Chinese Vase collection to arrive in a million pieces.

Here are 6 tips that will help you choose the right moving company-

What’s The Experience?

You should always choose a moving company that has many years of experience under their names. You don’t want to hire a novice company, especially if you are planning a big move.

Not just experience, the company should also have enough workforce and equipment to handle the complete moving process.

Insurance is Essential

The mover should be a legally registered company with proper credentials, insurance, worker’s compensation, and license. Accidents happen while moving all the time. You don’t want to add any liability issues to your planning list, so only deal with licensed and insured moving companies.

Disclose Everything

A move is successful when there is clear-cut communication between you and the mover. When the moving agent comes to your home for inspection, you don’t want to hide anything and disclose every little item in the movie. You don’t want to surprise the moving company with a grand piano on the day of the move.

Similarly, when the inspection is going on, you want to make sure the agent discloses every little cost that will be there in the final receipt.

What’s the Scope of Services?

Some smaller moving companies only handle the moving bit. Packing, disassembly, reassembling will be your duty. If you can manage it, then this will save some cash. But if you value convenience, then only opt for full service moving company.

These companies will handle everything from the packing, disassembly, reassembling of every item. They will also deliver you with the packing essentials.

How Will They Handle High-Risk Items?

If you have some high-value, high-risk items like grand pianos, valuable art pieces, or other valuables, then discuss beforehand with the company how they plan to deal with them. Such valuables require special equipment that the company may or may not carry. Don’t risk such items with inexperienced and under-equipped companies.

Get Everything In Writing

Once everything is done and decided, get it in writing. You should sign a fully-binding legal contract that discloses all the agreement and damage protection details. Never give advance without signing the paper, and don’t even think about signing on a blank contract.